"Filmmaking is a chance to live many lifetimes.”
― Robert Altman

Ever since the invention of the camera that could record motion (even when there wasn’t audio to go along with the pictures) filmmakers have been trying to innovate with new ways to entertain and intrigue their audiences with this storytelling form. Movies are stories told in a cinematic way. They engage our senses to create an illusion of reality. They help us make sense of the world through these stories that tell us how life works. They help us empathize with people living in different situations than ours by making us relate to our shared humanity. Charlie Chaplin made us laugh with his hysterical stunts, Alfred Hitchcock made the audience grip their seats in suspense and a rush of fear, and Stanley Kubrick took the cinema hall for a ride into outer space. You could say that a film is akin to a filmmaker’s vivid dream come to life on a big screen.


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It’s hard to know what goes on in a director’s head. You never know if they’re paying attention to the mundane, earthly matters you’re talking about or their minds have taken them to explore an intriguing idea about their next great movie. It’s also difficult to figure out if the gift you’ve picked for them would charm them or inspire a scene about an inept gift giver who always gives the worst gifts.

This comprehensive gift guide will help you avoid that fate. Following is a list of gift ideas for aspiring and professional film directors. Pick one that suits your recipient’s style.


Filmmaking Definition T-shirt

According to the Oxford dictionary the definition of filmmaking is “The direction or production of movies for theater or television.” It’s an apt definition but falls short on considering the artistic aspect of it. Filmmaker is more than a job title—It’s an identity. “The art of visualizing dreams” is a definition any real artist would find more appropriate. They say the editor is the first one to watch the first cut of the film, but that comes at a much later stage. The source of creative vision comes from the ability to play the film in your mind long before the shoot begins.

Anyone who has a deep love for this artform will appreciate this cool, minimalist t-shirt as a gift and be glad to own and wear it. It’ll make a fine gift for any filmmaker.


The Essential Directors

The right book targeted towards the right recipient can be an effective gift. First of all you have to make sure they actually enjoy reading. It doesn’t have to be for pleasure. People who never read fiction can still be impressed by the right non-fiction book. You have to consider their interests.

The Essential Director is a book filled with valuable knowledge that any curious filmmaker will find useful. It covers many prominent directors in cinema history–their styles, achievements and significant films. If your recipient is an ambitious filmmaker willing to learn, they’ll enjoy getting this book as a gift.


Minimalist Director Premium Hoodie

The same as any professional who has spent years of their lives trying to earn a title and take pride in it, directors are attached to theirs. The print on the back of the chair on the set that says “Director” symbolizes achievement.



It’s better to give clothes with minimalistic designs as gifts because of their versatility. Unlike the alternatives, minimalistic designs don’t upset recipients because there’s less chance of mismatch with their preferences.

This minimalist hoodie is without any fancy film-related graphics or puns because there’s no need for it. A simple text design that acknowledges your recipient’s identity is enough on its own and for most filmmakers, preferable. It’s a classy gift that will communicate your excellent sense of style.


The Female Gaze

The movie-making industry is dominated by men. Lots of different factors contribute to this disproportionately. Whatever the cause, it’s safe to assume that female filmmakers tend to have a harder time breaking in. Because of this we see very few female directors in the media and hence less role models for young girls to look up to. It’s a cycle that perpetuates itself. This is why it’s important to discuss the women who are already a part of this business. Their achievements deserve attention.

The Female Gaze by Alicia Malone covers important films made by influential women in the industry. This book will make a fine gift for any young, aspiring female filmmaker.


Thoughts on Filmmaking Journal

Film directors are often distinguished from other filmmakers based on their unique style. Films are stories and every director tells them in their own way. This requires them to have their own original ideas on style and techniques. How to convey the emotion of a scene that will best connect with the audience and help them relate is what a director needs to figure out.

This journal is specifically designed for filmmakers to pen down their thoughts about the storytelling process. And while any blank notebook can do the job, it’s helpful to have one that is dedicated for the task. Your recipient will find this useful and consider it a thoughtful gift.


Future Oscar Winner T-shirt

Not all filmmakers make movies for the money, awards and the glory that comes with. Those who do often fail to create their best work because their motivations guide their decisions and come in the way. Some do it just because that’s what they love to do. It’s the passion to make great films that motivates them. The awards do have their perks though. They give you credibility in the eyes of peers and potential financiers. Also, artists are insecure people and need validation from time to time. Having a symbol of achievement gives them that.

This Future Oscar Winner T-shirt might not be as good as the real thing, but for a struggling filmmaker still working towards his way to it will appreciate this gesture. Your gift will communicate to them your support and belief in their abilities.


Typewriter Graphic

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Camera Strap

Steven Speilberg, one of the best filmmaking minds in cinema history, started his career as a photojournalist. Working as a photographer he picked up some techniques that became part of his style when he moved on to filmmaking.

Many filmmakers find themselves drawn to photography as a hobby. It makes sense–after all, it shares many of its tools and techniques with cinematography. The interaction of light and the subject is what gives an image its appearance. Elements such as composition, depth, focus and texture are important in both artforms. If your recipient is a filmmaker who enjoys taking pictures, this beautiful camera strap will make a fine gift for them.


Christopher Nolan: A Retrospective

Christopher Nolan is one of the most respected and successful filmmakers in Hollywood. His works include films such as Interstellar, The Dark Knight, Inception, Memento and more. He is known for his mind bending, intelligent thriller/sci-fi films and big on-set practical effects. Any student of filmmaking will benefit from learning about this man and his work.

In Christopher Nolan: A Retrospective, film critic Tom Shone, who has known Nolan for a while and has established rapport with the director, explores his work. This book also includes exclusive interviews of the filmmaker and access to his personal archive–storyboards, set pictures, notes, etc. Your recipient will appreciate getting this book as a gift.


Director Black Mug

Recipients prefer aesthetics over functionality in a gift. That’s not to say that your present should be useless to them. Ideally, it should serve a need that they have. That need can be functional or emotional. A gift that doesn’t meet any need won’t be well received.

This minimalistic black mug is a perfect gift for a filmmaker. The label is something they’re proud of and hence will give them a sense of validation, it’s black, a color filmmakers prefer, and it’s aesthetically pleasing, at least to those with good taste.


DJI Osmo Pocket

A director doesn’t need to own a camera or any sort of equipment for them to do their job. These things are generally hired for rent. The director gets along with the cinematographer to choose what equipment they’re going to use on the set. For independent filmmakers though, who don’t work with a hefty budget or a sophisticated crew and have to often improvise and arrange these resources themselves, not owning equipment of their own can hinder productivity.

If your recipient is an ameture filmmaker who doesn’t own much equipment, this Osmo Pocket camera will be very useful. It’s not comparable to professional cameras and has its limits but does a decent enough job. An indie filmmaker could very well make an entire film with this. Ideal for parents to gift to their child who aspires to become a director.



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David Fincher - Mind Games

David Fincher is one of the most skilled Directors working in the industry today. His works include movies such as Fight Club, The Social Network, Se7en, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and my favorite The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. He’s known to be a perfectionist who often will take as many retakes as necessary to get his perfect shot. The lifelong obsession with perfecting his craft has led to some cinematic marvels that are hard to compete with.

David Fincher: Mind Games investigates Fincher’s fascinating career with a deep dive. It includes behind-the-scenes pictures, production history, original graphics and interviews with Fincher’s collaborators. If your recipient is a fan of his or even someone who’ll be interested in learning about the process of a great filmmaker, this will be a good choice for them.


Reprints of Classic Films

Filmmakers love the classics. They enjoy and praise them more than anything that is made in the present. Ask any aspiring filmmaker or your average film buff their favorite films and classics such as The Godfather or Citizen Kane will likely be on the list. Maybe it has something to do with envy. After all, you aren’t competing with Orsen Welles in 2022. Or maybe it’s because the classic films represent the times of true innovation and the beginning of something that will forever change the way cinema was made.

This is a collection of 20 poster reprints of classic films. No movie buff can resist such a present. Your recipient will love it the moment they see it.


Written & Directed by Tote Bag

Directors are proud of their identity as a filmmaker. Watching the credits roll at the end of a film may be something that most people skip, but a filmmaker who has put in lots of time and effort into making it is filled with pride on seeing his name on the screen.

A gift like this does an effective job of letting them know that you recognize that. It’s thoughtful, charming and even useful (Not to carry camera equipment but who says you can’t go shopping while showing off your cool job title?) Most great artists are deeply insecure people. Like everyone else, they need validation and gestures of support. This Written & Directed by Tote bag will please any struggling filmmaker in need of encouragement.


Customized Filmmaker Clapboard Pillow

Personalized things can make very impressive gifts. If you are witty and original you can really delight your recipient. For someone who makes films for a living a substantial part of their lives revolves around them—watching films, studying them and making them. Being such an important part of their lives, anything related to movies tends to be pleasing.

You can gift this customized pillow to any filmmaker. It will also make a great gift for a cinematographer, screenwriter or any film professional. You change the text on this pillow and get the text you want printed on it. Don’t write anything too cheesy though.


Cinema Lightbox

For those who are old enough to remember this mini lightbox is a pleasant reminder of the golden age of cinema, when the audience waited outside a theater with the film titles lit up by huge lightboxes to display what was playing. The rest of us have only seen that in period films. Nonetheless it seems kinda cool.

In the age of Netflix and a gigantic number of new films coming out everyday filmmakers feel they don’t get the appreciation and respect that they deserve for their efforts. You can show your appreciation for their craft by gifting them this mini lightbox. It’s the kind of gift that delights the recipient.


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Movie Food References Cookbook

What if you could try out recipes you see in your favorite films? Thanks to the creators of this book you don’t have to just settle on your imagination. Someone had this great idea of putting together the recipes from a great collection of films.

From Giant Timpano from Big Night to Deli Fare from When Harry Met Sally this book has it all. This cookbook is made for true film buffs who can cook. If your recipient is one, they’ll enjoy this gift.


Minimalist Director's Hat

For anyone who takes pride in their work and competence, the job becomes an important aspect of their identity. Especially for creatives early in their career who aren’t well recognized, small gestures from a loved one who acknowledges their aspirations are flattering. Doctors are attached to the “Dr.” in their title, Police officers love their uniform.

A minimalist director’s cap for a filmmaker is a simple idea but is more thoughtful than any expensive gift you can give them. They’ll wear it like a badge of pride, showing off a bit in the process. Also it makes for a good ice breaker for interested strangers; “Are you a director?”


Godparents Wine Glass Set

Every student filmmaker is introduced to the list of classics they must study as part of their education. One movie that ends up on almost every list is The Godfather by Francis Ford Coppola. It has a special place in the hearts of all film buffs. The film has inspired many references and puns. A friend of mine who is a dog lover owns a water bottle with a Godfather themed graphic and a pug in a suit. The text says, “The Dogfather.”

This wine glass set by paramount pictures is a fun gift for any aspiring director or even a fan of the film. A must have in a true movie buff’s home.


Martin Scorsese Filmmaking Masterclass

Martin Scorsese is considered to be a master of the craft and as such his masterclass on filmmaking is a great source of valuable knowledge for any aspiring filmmaker. Besides discussing the foundations of filmmaking such as casting, production design and cinematography there are more lessons that talk about the more nuanced aspects of filmmaking. There’s a segment which gives some insights on things that influence a director’s “style.” A memorable line from the segment is “The written word is not superior to the moving image, they are both modes of communication and expression of equal value.”

There are more interesting segments such as one about the discovery process and the final chapter is titled “Finding Your Way.” He also touches on religion and how it affects his storytelling. You can gift this course to any student of the craft who is open to learning. Masterclass provides a gift option on their website.


Cinema Lights Tripod Table Lamp

You’ll hear filmmakers talk about something looking cinematic. Many are obsessed with achieving a certain look for their film (even though by itself it doesn’t make a film good. A bad story will ruin a film no matter how pleasing the aesthetic). You have to make the two dimensional image on the screen feel three dimensional. You do that with composition, arrangement of things and good lighting.

Proper lighting is crucial to cinematography. Filmmakers and cinematographers have to work with light to get the look they desire. This lamp is inspired by cinema lights and as such is ideal for people who work in the film industry. It looks really cool too. A perfect gift for a director.


Downton Abbey Official Cocktail Book

Cocktail recipe books are always great to have. You can show off your mixing skills at a party and leave people awed. A cocktail recipe book based on a classic film is a genius idea. They probably don’t know it exists yet, but when they get it, they’ll know they always wanted it.

They’ll thank you for your great mind reading skills.


Minimalist Camera Backpack

An indie filmmaker’s worst nightmare starts something like this— you’re at the location, all pumped up, ready to go, everything is set up, actors are ready and when you press the power button on the camera, you realize you forgot the batteries. Forgetting and misplacing equipment is common among disorganized filmmakers. I’m speaking from personal experience. And while losing a lens cap or battery once in a while isn’t a big issue, when you lose something important (expensive stuff, sd cards that aren’t backed up, etc.) it can cause problems and even hurt your career.

This minimalist camera backpack is a practical gift for a filmmaker they’ll appreciate. It’ll help them keep stuff organized and look cool wearing it.


David Fincher Interviews

Conversation With Filmmakers is a series dedicated to interviews of the most innovative filmmakers of our time. This book is an installment that covers David Fincher, known for his perfectionism and dark subject matters.

The interviews in this book lets you see a glimpse inside the mind of a visionary director. He lets you in on his secrets and tells you the thought process behind his filmmaking decision. If your recipient is a fan of the director they’ll appreciate getting this book as a present.


Akira Kurosawa's Autobiography

You have to be careful when gifting a book to someone. Give a book to someone who doesn’t enjoy reading and it’ll annoy them. If you know, though, that your recipient is a reader who’s curious enough to open a book, a well chosen book can make a great gift.

All artists find themselves in need of inspiration from time to time. Some find it in people, others travel, but some look for other artists they admire for guidance. Akira Kurosawa was an accomplished Japanese filmmaker respected by many. This is his autobiography. Give this to a director who’s a fan.


VHS Movie Themed Keychains

Most filmmakers get into the business because of their love for films. They tend to reminisce over the classic films they grew up watching. I guess it brings back old memories that lead to their passion and set them on the path they’re on.

A good gift-giver anticipates their recipients needs and desires. Anyone can get you a gift if you tell them what you want. Only someone who knows you and your preferences well enough can figure out what you’d love to have that even you yourself didn’t know you wanted. If your recipient is someone who seems like they’ll enjoy getting a bunch of these VHS movie themed keychains as a gift, give them a few of their favorite genres.


Martin Scorsese: A Retrospective

A celebrated career of a veteran filmmaker that spans over 50 years is covered in this biography. Film critic Tom Shone does a good job at commentary and handles the material well. Martin Scorsese - A Retrospective has many insights on the art of making movies and valuable advice for aspiring filmmakers.

If your recipient enjoys reading, especially reading about the art of making movies and about the stories of its legends, they’ll love this gift.


Personalized Filmmaking Clapboard Coasters

A filmmaker’s job is a tough one. It takes many sleepless nights of working and planning to figure out how to make vision come to reality. Motivation and Coffee helps you get through those nights What would we do without caffeine?). The hot beverage leaves a mark on the table which could ruin it. Most directors treat their work table as a sacred thing.

These clapboard inspired coasters will solve that problem for your recipient. You can personalize them too, making the gift very special.


Master Shots - Volume 1

There’s plenty of material and resources out there to teach you about the theory of filmmaking. But theory and technical know-how is only half of what it takes to make a movie. You also need to be able to problem solve as a filmmaker. How to get the shots you want, how to make them look the way you want is essential. Most practitioners of the craft learn these techniques by working on sets and observing others achieve them.

The Master Shots series is an amazing set of books that teaches independent filmmakers how to get these shots. This book is the the first installment in it. It’s a very useful book that is not much known about. It’ll make an impressive gift for anyone who wants to learn and improve.


Screenwriter's Notebook

Directors have a specific skill set they operate with. Their job is to work with the crew and utilize their talents to bring to life a story in their own vision. This requires them to know enough aspects of each crew member’s work. Most directors work with screenwriters who do the writing part. Some, such as Quentin Tarantino, write their own scripts.

If your recipient is a filmmaker who also writes scripts, they’ll find this journal useful to write down their ideas on. It helps to have a specific writing space to gather your ideas in one place. They’ll appreciate getting this useful tool for writers as a gift.


Drone Camera

This is the age of indie filmmakers. Just a few years ago, you’d need to rent a helicopter to get an aerial shot, which was a little too costly for an independent filmmaker with low or no budget. They would have to do without these shots. But now, thanks to the inventors of this amazing gadget, for much much less cost you can buy a drone camera and shoot aerial shots all day (Hopefully not overdoing these shots in their films).

Not just for aerial shots though, you can fly it close to the ground and follow your subject. The limit is your imagination. There is nothing more impressive as a gift for an aspiring filmmaker than this. They’ll see this and instantly imagine the things they can do with this. This will also make a cool gift for a Youtuber.


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Smartphone Filmmaking Rig

When people realized that one of the breakout hits at the Sundance Film Festival, Tangerine by director Sean Baker was shot on an iPhone, the smartphone filmmaking revolution got kick started. It was the time people knew that not owning a professional film camera was no excuse not to make a film.

This smartphone video rig is a great tool for filmmakers experimenting with iPhone filmmaking and will make a fine gift.


The Anatomy of Story

This is one of the best screenwriting books available today. The author John Truby spent years studying the greatest films to understand the workings of a great story.

We can now learn from the lessons he laid out in this book. From developing a premise to scene reconstruction. This book has it all and more. The Anatomy of Story is truly a useful gift for any filmmaker or writer.


1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die Book

As a lover of cinema, I’m always asking people to suggest to me good films to watch. The hunger for more films never ends. The problem is, not all films are worth my time. There is no way to rank films for quality objectively. It is mostly a matter of opinion. The author of this book has done enough research to make sure that the films on this list deserve to be there.

This book will expose you to great films you might have not known about. Your recipient will appreciate all the new suggestions they got from this.


Cinematography: Theory and Practice Book

A substantial part of a director’s job is to work with the director of photography. Together they make use of the visual storytelling techniques to tell a story the best way possible. Without a good understanding of cinematography techniques, a filmmaker cannot reach his potential. Visual storytelling techniques help affect the audience’s emotions. Texture, mood, color, balance all play a part in how we perceive a scene.

This book has everything you need to know about cinematography techniques. Useful for any filmmaker.


Director's Chair for Home

Practical gifts are great but they’re not for every occasion nor for every recipient. Sometimes it’s the thought that matters more than the usefulness of the object. I’m sure you could find many better, more comfortable chairs to give to someone but for a proud filmmaker their chair with “Director” written on the back is their preferred one.

This director’s chair will make a thoughtful gift for any movie director. It’s good quality, well built and looks great. Your recipient will appreciate the charming gesture.


Portable Projector

If you love to read, you carry a book around, or maybe a kindle (And save some trees). Which is great. Reading is very important, but what if you love watching films and have an urge to watch one. Sure, you can watch a movie on your phone, but the small screens are no fun. At least not for a filmmaker who constantly likes to notice the details and visual storytelling. We don’t want to miss out on those.

Fortunately, technology has done us justice. This tiny projector is the best thing you can give to a lover of films. It’s capable of projecting a 120 inch display. Your own personal portable theater.


Director's Notebook

Creativity is born out of a mess of ideas floating around in your head unchecked, but if that chaos is left unchecked, those ideas never come to fruition. The fine line between chaos and order is where good things come to life. That is why a little organization is important for an artist to become productive and create great art.

This notebook is designed for directors to organize their ideas and plan their films. It’s a great tool to have for any filmmaker and makes a fine gift.


Rebel Without a Crew - Robert Rodriguez

We can be too practical in life and let excuses and obstacles let us stop from going after the things we really want. Robert Rodriguez didn’t let the fact that he didn’t have a massive budget or even a camera stop him from making a film. With $7000 he saved up from participating in medical trials and his creative problem solving skills, he made a film that was screened at Sundance Film Festival and launched his hollywood career.

In this book he tells the story of the making of El Mariachi. An inspiring read for any aspiring filmmaker.


The Filmmaker Says Book

In any form of craft the masters of it, the most skilled and insightful practitioners of the field, keep adding to the ever growing compendium of knowledge. That is how that craft evolves. Every bit of this wisdom is precious for a filmmaker aiming to improve their own knowledge and skill. This is true for both aspiring as well as established ones.

This book is a collection of the most insightful quotes and sayings about making movies. Anyone who is passionate about filmmaking will love this book as a gift.


My First Movie (Book)

Reading, listening and watching stories is how we learn. Our brains are hardwired to crave them. It’s our brain’s default way to recognize patterns and make sense of things. In this book, Twenty prominent directors talk about their experiences making their first movie.

Any aspiring filmmaker who is yet to pop their cherry can learn from these stories. This will help them navigate their own careers better. If your recipient is someone who likes to read about other filmmakers and their work, they’ll appreciate receiving this book.


Movie Quotes For All Occasions

Nerdy film buffs are notorious for annoying people with spontaneous recitations of movie quotes all the time. They seem to believe that people actually enjoy it. I guess if everyone was as good at navigating social interactions there’d be no computers or comic book movies.

There’s a time and a place for such things. A well timed movie reference can be charming in the right company. If you’ve heard your recipient bringing up quotes from obscure films, they’ll likely appreciate this book as a gift. If they tend to overdo it, do the world a favor and don’t feed the monster. Pick something else on the list.


Cinema Themed Vinyl Clock

Vinyl isn’t mainstream anymore, but that hasn’t stopped creators from using them to make stunning decor pieces. After all there’s a strange beauty to vinyl discs that makes anything made out of them look classy.

This cinema themed vinyl clock is made for film lovers. And who else loves them more than movie makers? It’ll make a fine gift for any director. A proud film buff would be glad to put this up on their wall along with the movie posters they own.


Making Movies by Sidney Lumet

The late legendary filmmaker of the films like 12 Angry Men, Dog Day Afternoon, The Verdict, wrote this book about making films. And it’s a must read for anyone who wants to learn the craft. What I really like about this book is that, without getting too technical, it takes you through every aspect of filmmaking you need to know. From directing actors, cinematography to editing. A filmmaker must have a strong understanding of these to effectively work with the professionals and get the best results.

Lumet wrote the book in a casual, entertaining style with anecdotes and more, which makes it an enjoyable read. It will make a fine gift for an aspiring director, and even for a more experienced one who keeps an open mind for learning.


Mirrorless Camera

DSLRs changed the game for independent filmmakers. No longer one had to rely on expensive, professional filmmaking cameras and high end gear to make your vision come true. All you had to do was buy or rent a DSLR and some memory cards and you could make a decent movie. Mirrorless cameras are an upgrade to that. They come with some advantages to DSLRs such as low light performance, less weight, ability to shoot in Raw formats and more.

The Sony A7 III is the best one for indie filmmaking. It’s full frame and shoots 4K. If you have a loved one trying to make it into this field this camera would help them out a lot.


Film Camera Patent Poster

For a filmmaker with an active imagination this is more than a poster. It’s a time travel machine that takes your mind to the time when the inventor was scratching his head while trying to figure out a perfect design for his invention.

A filmmaker whose livelihood wouldn’t have existed without this invention likely has much appreciation for it. A good gift must relate to a recipient’s interests. This will make a fine gift for any filmmaker.


Portable Digital Audio Recorder

Any filmmaker will tell you how important audio quality is to a film. Even more important than video quality. If the film is interesting, the audience will likely ignore a less than great image quality, but if the audio fails to live up to the standard, they will walk away. And you can’t blame them. Bad audio is unbearably annoying.

A newbie indie filmmaker with a DSLR can use a decent sound recorder like this (Audio recording on DSLRs is awful). This recorder is the choice of professions. Remember, practical gifts are the best.


Quentin Tarantino Collection

I don’t know if you know who Quentin Tarantino is, you likely do, but any movie buff or filmmaker has heard of him. His first film, The Reservoir Dogs (An independent film) is considered one of the best films ever made. Tarantino didn’t go to film school. All he learned about filmmaking is by watching films. He watched and learned and then tried making his own. A method of learning people have used for centuries to master their crafts.

Watching films is what a filmmaker must do to learn. Gift this set to them or works of some other directors they like. They’ll love it, and enjoy the films.


Beyond Continuity Book

Organization is crucial in any job. Creative Arts are not an exception. Effective management and organized workflow leads to less unnecessary stress and hence more productivity. Which is very important. As a director you have to act as the manager who takes command of all things happening on the set. Not an easy job. If you don’t do it properly, script supervision is a task that can make a lot of complications during the shooting process.

The techniques that this book offers will help them be more efficient at script supervising, making their job easier and giving them time to be more productive. Gifts that make our lives easier are the most liked.