" I don't have perfect pitch. My drums sound like a drummer, not a drum machine. "
― Taylor Hawkins

How boring would music be without drums? You can’t rock the stage without your drummer beating on those drums like a victor gorilla smashing his rival. Everyone from Jazz legend Buddy Rich to Charlie Watts of The Rolling Stones has helped with the evolution of music. Their contributions, and of several others like them, are gifts to the artform.

As to answering the question you’re here for: what do you buy for someone who beats stuff for a living? Well, certainly not drumsticks or drumming equipment. Big boy drummers pick their own equipment and are pretty specific about it.

I’m sure your choice of drum accessories driven by stupid gift guides is well intentioned and meant to be useful, but you know what they say about good intentions. Those tools will rot unused in the basement.

To prevent that fate for your gift, I bring you a list of presents that are actually suitable for aspiring and professional drummers which they’ll actually appreciate.


Wee Drummer Jimmy Plant Pot

Our homes are our own little art projects. We decorate our homes with things that reflect us. Our style and interests contribute to our choices in décor. And while it’s generally hard to anticipate what a recipient’s taste in décor is, with a few tips you can come close to picking something they’ll like.

A drummer would appreciate this plant pot. It’s cute, reflects their passion and they can put a plant in it. It’ll make a cool gift.


Leather Drum Stick Case

Recipients prefer gifts that are practical and reflect their interests. You don’t have to find specific and unique things to impress them. And most of the times it has the opposite effect than indented.

This leather drum stick case is practical enough so your recipient will get ownership value out of it and is also very stylish so they’ll admire your good taste.


Drummer 3D Night Light

How far have we come in terms of electricity powered lights since Thomas Edision failed over 10,000 times to finally succeed in making a bulky gas filled bulb. A long way.

Thanks to all the advancement in technology we now have this 3D Night Light for drummers, because regular night lights have no place in a drummer’s home.

A cool night light for drummers.


Drum Set Themed Necklace

Jewelry for most of history has been associated with class and status in society. Gifting jewelry was for the rich. Today it’s been adopted by the masses. Jewelry and accessories when picked considering your recipient’s sense of style can make very impressive and endearing gifts.

If your recipient has a minimalist style this drum set themed necklace will suit them. It’s a safe gift idea for about anyone who beats drums for a living.


Drummer Wallet

In some traditions around the world gifting someone a wallet is considered a good luck gesture. It’s supposed to bring prosperity and riches to the recipient.

While I’m not sure about the actual monetary gains resulting from getting a wallet as a gift (No substantial studies have been done on the subject), they do make fine gifts. After all we use wallets almost everyday.

This wallet with a drum kit logo engraved on it will make a cool gift for any drummer who doesn’t exclusively make bitcoin transactions to get by.


Funny Drummer T-shirt

A politically incorrect/funny T-shirt for drummers which may help them get lucky. Which if happens because your present you’ll be contributing to them getting laid. What could be better gift?

This double entendre joke with a cool print designed for drummers is an awesome gift.


Drummer Bobblehead

Bobbleheads are fun. No one doesn’t like them. After all they bobble. Which makes them ideal gifts for anyone provided you pick one that is targeted for your recipient and their interests.

This little skeleton head drummer bobblehead is a fun idea to gift any drummer. Most of them are into dark stuff anyway. Ideal for any drummer who owns a car.


Drummer iPhone Case

Performers thrive on the cheers of their crowd. It’s their fuel and fodder. That’s what they live for. Striving for that is what gives them the motivation to relentlessly work on improving their crafts.

This iPhone cover is perfect for your rockstar drummer recipient.


The Drumfather Hat

You’ll definitely get this The Godfather reference if you’re a film buff or even someone who knows of the classic film. There is no shortage of The Godfather pun gifts online. This is a very clever one designed for drummers.

Maybe I’m biased because of my love for films, but I think this drumfather hat is just awesome. As to why it will make a fine gift, to quote the Godfather himself, “Gift them something they can’t refuse.”


Drumstick Spoons

Is it just me or everyone channels their inner drummer once in a while in the kitchen with utensils to create vaguely musical sounds when they’re bored?

I suppose actual drummers have more of these urges when they see surfaces that can be banged. Well, these drumstick spoons will make that process much more professional. Spoons for cooking and drumsticks for music.


Cymbal Clock

Well, you’re not supposed to bang this one but I doubt a drummer will be able to resist. It should withstand that though. It’s pretty tough.

A cool looking cymbal wall clock for drummers. It’s not really a practical clock though since it’s unmarked, and may confuse you, but it looks dope. Gifts don’t always have to be very useful.

A charming gift your recipient will love.


Drummer Wine Bottle Holder

Life of a musician isn’t easy. It takes dedication, hard work and a long struggle to make it. A little wine now and then is probably good for maintaining sanity (Some do a lot more, but who’s counting?).

And if you’re a drummer who better to trust with your wine than a metal drummer who won’t drink it. Nonsensical jokes aside, this is a fine wine holder that’ll make a great gift.


Talent Is Overrated by Geoff Colvin

I think talent does play a part in success in most crafts. What this book is about is how years of dedicated practice plays a much important role.

Anyone who’s serious about their careers will get some benefit out of reading this. That applies to creative professionals too. Musicians, guitar players, filmmakers, drummers, etc.

If your recipient reads, which I doubt most drummers do, you can consider giving them this book. Any person who values knowledge will appreciate this.


Never Stop Drumming Tank Top

They say never stop dreaming. That’s the motto for most people who think big, who want to achieve greatness. The idea is not to let the difficult circumstances and obstacles discourage you from trying to make it.

Well, this “Never Stop Drumming” is a more ideal motto for a drummer.


Drummer Journal

There aren’t many autobiographies by drummers available. I guess when you’re used to beating things for a living, you sort of lose patience for penning down your thoughts on paper.

Which is why this beautiful, black journal is a great idea for a gift. It’ll get them started. Maybe they’ll even mention you and your awesome gift in their book.


Drummer Keyring

Occasions like birthdays and christmas should bring us joy, and they do, but the thought of finding the right gift also brings us some anxiety. If this is the case for you, I’ll give you a beautiful piece of advice; find something simple.

You don’t have to spend half an eternity trying to figure out a perfect gift, a simple yet thoughtful gift like this drummer keyring will do fine. They’ll know you put in some thought into it by considering their love for their craft.


Anatomy of Drumming

All those years of your father’s bugging about your posture was probably futile but wasn’t bad advice. Good posture affects performance in all kinds of physical activities. Even race car drivers lose speed and accuracy when they’re uncomfortable in their seats. Posture also affects how confident we feel about ourselves.

When it comes to playing drums well posture and form affect your performance. The Anatomy of Drumming is about good techniques and form. It helps you avoid discomfort and even injuries caused by bad form.

This book is insightful and will make a useful gift that your recipient will appreciate.


Leather Drummer Flask

This looks so cool that I want it and I’m not even a drummer. I think I’d want it even if I didn’t drink. Not everything has to be rational after all.

If you find your recipient barely being sober most of the time this is a perfect gift. They’ll love it. It has a nice little drum set engraved on it and all.


Classic Rock Drum Solos DVD

You’ve likely heard the phrase “Monkey see, monkey does.” Monkeys imitate the behaviour of their fellow primates thanks to the mirror neurons in their brains.

Humans learn in a more complex but similar way. An apprentice watches the master at work to learn his craft. For a drummer it’s ideal to watch the greats from the field to learn a few tricks.

This DVD is a compilation of the best drum solos featuring greats like Keith Moon and Gene Krupa. A fine gift for any drummer willing to improve their skills.


Drum Set Bracelet

Most people are too inhibited by the roles they have to play to be part of the society. Artists are known for being a bit eccentric. They push the boundaries of acceptable norms. They’re sometimes endrogynous or at least experimental.

You’ll see many musicians expressing their personalities with cool accessories like bracelets. This one is perfect for drummers, men and women.


Beatles Mini Drum Set

If your recipient is a Beatles fan they’d love to own this mini drum set modeled after the set of The Beatles drummer Ringo Starr who is considered among one of the greatest drummers of all time. I think he was overrated but it doesn’t matter. It’s not for me.

An awesome collectible any fan, especially a drummer, will appreciate as a gift.


Sympathy For The Drummer Book

Sympathy For The Drummer is a story of the arguably the greatest rock ‘n’ roll drummer we ever had. It’s about a legend and his passion, friendships and influence on music and society itself.

If your recipient is a fan of The Rolling Stones and specifically their drummer Charlie Watts they will be glad to get this book as a gift.


Funny Drummer Coffee Mug

People get annoyed when the listener zones out mid conversation while they’re yapping about how their boss is a jerk who doesn’t appreciate them enough. Too bad. Life’s too short for others to be interested in your drama.

An artist would rather use that time to mentally create something meaningful. Well, I don’t think the creators of this mug intended to be this deep and I digress, but still your recipient drummer will find this relatable.


Lars Ulrich Metallica Collectible

If your drumstick happy recipient is a diehard Metallica fan, they’re likely also to admire their talented drummer Lars Ulrich. After all he was the one who found James Hartfield and together they started this band.

In which case they’ll appreciate this collectible as a gift. Not everyone collects this stuff though so keep in mind their tastes.


Drummer Shower Curtain

Even things as mundane as a shower curtain could use a bit of artistic touch to make them more interesting. After all life is too short for boring, plain stuff.

This shower curtain will make a useful gift for practically any drummer who showers.


Drummer Nutcracker

This sounds like a great idea for a superhero character. A drummer wronged by the bad guys set out to get justice armed with his crime fighting drumsticks. Sounds fun.

Anyway, this drummer nutcracker is not really meant to be a practical gift. Although it can be used to crack nuts, it’s more like a decorative piece and will make a funny, charming gift for drummers.


Handcrafted Shaman Drum

Drummers are dreamers. That sounds like a t-shirt idea, but it’s true. Musicians, artists, writers, guitar players, all of them are fundamentally driven by their desire and need for identity and public adoration. They dream of it.

The dreamer personality type also share a need to be surrounded by beautiful things. Well, this beautiful, handcrafted shaman drum is something that’d delight your recipient.


Drumstick Pencils

I used to spontaneously start drumming on my desk with pens and pencils when I was in school. My friends would join along. It was fun. I’m not saying these pencils are for that, but can be.

Also if your drummer recipient is also a part time artist or a student they can put this to use. You can gift these drumstick style pencils to any drummer who can use them.


Drumming Parking Sign

So many fights can be averted if people respect each other’s parking spaces. But humans will be humans and we can’t really help our natures.

But a parking sign as charming and funny as this will help avoid some of them. This drummer parking sign will make a fine gift for any dreamer in need of a parking sign. They will be able to spend more time drumming and less getting in quarrels.


Drum Sunglasses Case

Despite what conventional wisdom would suggest not every gift you give has to be spectacularly creative. It’s best to just find something practical that your recipient can put to use and would add value to their lives.

This beautiful sunglasses case with a stylish drum set engraving will make a fine gift for basically any drummer in your life who owns glasses.


Drummer Throw Blanket

Everyone can use a bit of comfort after a hard day of work. For a drummer practicing for hours can be physically exhausting. The passion for their craft keeps them going but no one can do it for days, in and out, with a break.

This big, black and beautiful throw blanket will help them be a bit more comfortable on the couch while maybe watching a movie. Go for it.


Drum Key Tool

Thoughtful, charming, charming gifts are great. They make the receiver feel good, but sometimes the most ordinary seeming gifts make more impact.

A simple gift can be a gesture that lets them know of your support. This drum key tool is a useful tool for drummers. Something that’ll remind them of you every time they use it.


Drummer Inspiration Poster

For a man to find himself and who he truly is, he has to go through a time of uncomfortable and possibly boring self reflection. Life can be simple if you just follow the herd. You don’t have to think, just imitate.

Originality is important for one to become a true artist. And you can’t be original until you learn to dig deep and grasp for it. It’s no wonder so many great artists seem so crazy.

“Lose your mind, find your soul.” Good advice for any artist. This poster will make a meaningful gift.


The Drummer

Modern Drummer published this book to mark the 30th anniversary of the magazine. It’s a stunning collection of stories, photographs, quotes and more. Some of the greatest masters like Buddy Rich, John Bonham, Elvin Jones, Keith Moon and more are featured.

A unique but relevant gift for any drummer who likes to read.


Drummer Wooden Construction Kit

Ever since humans learned to carve tools out of stone we’ve been fascinated with building stuff. And since after we invented agriculture which allowed some people to focus on their hobbies of constructing things without worrying about finding food, we’ve built a lot of toys that helped us build this civilization.

Even with all the toys and technology that minimizes physical efforts, using our hands to build and fix things helps make us feel more connected to our human nature.

That is exactly why your recipient will have fun using this drummer wooden construction set. And after they’re done, they can use it as a cool showpiece.


Buddy Rich Biography

Considered as one of the most influential drummers of all time by many people, Buddy Rich was a guy with great talent for music. I doubt any other drummer would come close to the recognition and fame he had in his time. He started his career at a very young age and was gifted at it.

If your recipient admires Buddy Rich or loves jazz they’ll enjoy reading this biography of the music legend.


Funny Trump Drummer Mug

Donald Trump is known for his boastful exaggerations. They’ve led to the creation of countless memes online. Say what you want about the man, he’s funny, sometimes intentionally, sometimes not.

Most musicians aren’t interested in politics, so unless your recipient has Trump Derangement Syndrome and can’t stand anything related to the president, they’ll appreciate the humor.



Writers like to watch films about writers, dancers do about dancers, and musicians do about musicians. Maybe because we relate to stories that we share desires with.

Whiplash is a story of a dedicated drummer who wants to be the best. This film even explores the dark side of ambition. A movie any drummer would like to watch.


Drummer Fuel Coffee Mug

When your days involve hours of practice honing your skills everyday, it helps to get a little boost to keep you going. For most people coffee does a fine job of providing that boost.

This is a coffee mug with a cleaver name. Perfect for drummers. It even has graphics made of drumsticks.


Drummer Patent Print

Speaking of avoidable fights, patents too help with that. After all there’s no easier way to make an enemy than stealing and taking credit for a fellow inventor’s designs.

Patents have their problems, especially big corporations patenting vague ideas to sue future inventors out of profit, but other than that they do help innovators secure their designs.

Also, good for us, these patent prints also make fine gifts. They’re kind of a popular choice for presents. This one is ideal for drummers.


Mini Finger Drum Set

This isn’t a high tech drum made possible with the invention of nanotechnology to replace regular drums.

No self respecting drummer will want that. This is just a charming little toy that makes drum sounds and even lights up when to bang it. A fun gift for any drummer to have.


Mini Rhythm Watch

Sometimes you know someone well enough to be invited to their birthday but not enough to know their interests and how to pick the ideal gift for them.

In such a case you should just stick to something simple and practical. This mini rhythm watch is a useful tool for a drummer. They’ll find it useful and since it’s just a general tool that they don’t have to be specific about they won’t be picky about the brand and be upset.


Best Effin Drummer Tumbler

With the exception of sociopaths everyone loves a compliment. Something about our innate need for approval by fellow humans makes us vulnerable to flattery. We all want to be appreciated, you know.

This classic best effing tumbler will work for any drummer unless they’re mega famous, in which case they’re desensitised to people complimenting them for getting favours.


The Great Jazz Drummer

You have to be a really great drummer to play jazz well. It’s a difficult genre to master. You need refined skills to be good at it.

The Great Jazz Drummers features biographies and pictures of over sixty influential drummers and a CD featuring 16 artists that capture the gradual progression of jazz drumming throughout its evolution.

This book is an ideal gift for any drummer who plays jazz or a jazz enthusiast or even someone who is interest in it.


Octopus Drummer Art Print

I wonder if drummers wish they had extra arms for better drumming efficiency. Probably not, but it’s a nice thought. Kind of like a scorpion playing a guitar or a T-Rex playing a piano.

An octopus playing a drum is an hilarious idea. Exactly the kind of art you would find in a drummer’s place.


Future Drummer Onesie

Some start learning their crafts earlier than others. Beethoven started playing the piano when he was five. This onesie is for toddlers though and no one starts that early.

But for parents with the dreams of their child becoming the next Buddy Rich, they’d love this “future drummer” onesie for their little future rockstars.


Drummer Metal Sculpture

I think stuff like this is what a drummer’s nightmares are made of. A metal man made of scrap drumming away on a scrap drum set. I am joking of course. They mostly consist of showing up at a performance without their sticks.

Anway, this is a cool, modern art style sculpture that’ll make a nice showpiece.