“Loneliness does not come from having no people about one, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important to oneself, or from holding certain views which others find inadmissible.”
― Carl Jung

The mysteries of the human mind have always fascinated thinkers and intellectuals. Why we do what we do? What makes us tick? Only if we knew all the answers we would have a simpler time dealing with life and its complexities.

Psychology is in no way an exact science. It’s developing though, thanks to the contributions of the researchers who spend their lives trying to study the most complicated creatures to ever exist–human beings. Life isn’t easy even for the smartest of all. Dealing with other people who all have their opinions about the world and their own agendas can be exhausting. Also, in this ever changing world where no traditions and social norms last long enough for us to adapt makes it difficult to figure out how to be. Eventually something tends to go wrong and the mind needs some maintenance.

Those who study in the field of psychology learn how to help us figure out things that we need help sorting by ourselves. It’s a noble profession that’s undervalued at best and often looked down up. Following is a list of some gift ideas for psychology students. A collection of gifts ideal for the future therapists and psychologists in your life. Pick one that you feel like suits your recipient’s style.


Psychology Art T-shirt

Picking clothes for someone else can be tricky. You have to know your recipient’s taste well enough to make choices for them. It can easily go wrong. Most people won’t wear something they don’t like. If you pick wrong, your gift will be wasted sitting in a closet forever. But if you do get it right there’s no better payoff than the satisfaction of getting praised for a good pick.



Paying attention to what types of clothes your recipients usually wear can help you get a sense of their style. If you see them often you’ll notice a pattern–colors, fit, minimalism, etc.

This psychology themed t-shirt is a good bet because it’s creative and well designed. Anyone with a good sense of style won’t mind wearing it. If you imagine your recipient wearing this t-shirt and know their style well enough, give them this.


Deep Work by Cal Newport

We live in a world full of constant, perpetual interruptions from the same devices that make our lives convenient and are practically essential to us. Knowing how to log off and get your mind to focus on a task long enough is key to achieving any meaningful work done.

Deep Work by Cal Newport is a book that tells you how to do it. It’s well researched and discusses techniques used by many great minds to achieve great focus. There’s a chapter on Carl Jung, one of the pioneers of modern psychiatry. How he had a ritual to get away from his hectic and distracting life to get some quality work done in solitude. This book is not something your average psychology student is likely to come across yet will be very beneficial to his career and life. Books can be effective gifts if you pick the right one for the right recipient. This book will make a fine gift for anyone who is ambitious and willing to learn.


Minimalist Psychology Notebook

Rituals are important. They help us stick to a task and focus our attention by making it a habit. You need a dedicated place or object to achieve consistency until the habit sticks. A student of psychology can write down his ideas on any notebook. They can even do it on a computer if they wish, but having a book especially dedicated for the task helps organize all the ideas in one place.

This minimalist journal is designed for psychology students and practitioners to write down their thoughts on as the cover suggests. It’s a useful tool and quite unique. You won’t find a journal like this in your average bookstore or even on Amazon. Your recipient will be charmed by your thoughtfulness.


Wooden Puzzle Set

Learning about the human mind and its intricacies is no easy feat. Not everyone has got the discipline or intelligence to master it. You need a strong mind which enjoys and even thrives on taking a challenge. If your recipient is a psychology student chances are that they are a smart person who will have fun solving these puzzles.

Aesthetics matter when it comes to picking a good gift and this set doesn’t fall short. The wooden set itself is beautifully made, which is how a gift should be. If your recipient is someone who needs to stimulate their minds constantly with intellectual challenges they’ll love this gift.


Mood Pens

Even with laptops replacing pen and paper as the preferred method of students for taking notes and writing things, they still need them from time to time. Also, writing with your hands instead of typing on a keyboard helps you learn better. The kinetic flow activates some parts of the brain essential for deep learning.

This set of pens is a creative gift idea for a psychology student. Even people who specialize in behavior need help finding motivation to do difficult stuff. These pens might just give them a little push and a reminder to get started.


Relaxation Tabletop Fountain

They say ignorance is bliss. It could be true for some yet not an option for those getting into the nitty, gritty details of human behavior. That stuff can be emotionally exhausting to learn and think about. Doing it in a cube doesn’t help.

The sound of flowing water from this relaxation tabletop fountain helps sooth the mind. Stuff like this can’t replace nature but it does a good enough job in mimicking its relaxing effect. A thoughtful gift idea for any stressed out student.


Sony Voice Recorder

Practical gifts aren’t right for every situation. You may think they make more sense as gifts since the recipients will find them useful but this can backfire. You have to consider your relationship to your recipient and what your gift’s purpose is. Is it meant to be a symbol of your relationship with your partner? Then skip practical gifts and give them something a bit more romantic.

As far as giving a gift to a psychology student goes, giving them this recorder as a gift makes sense. If they don’t own one already they’ll need this to record their observations and thoughts as psychologists and therapists often do. If they own an outdated one this’ll be a fine upgrade. Just make sure you wrap it up nicely.


Carl Jung's Biography

Every chid and their mother (assuming they’re all into psychology) has heard of Carl Jung. He’s kind of a big deal is these circles. It’s him and Sigmund Freud–the most known names in the field. Jung used to be a student of Freud but later left him because they disagreed on some major ideas and became rivals.

Carl Jung’s biography is a fascinating read and any student of the trade will have a good time reading it. If your recipient enjoys reading, doesn’t own a copy already, and isn’t going to to repulsed by the idea of reading a book related to psychology for leisure (You’ll be able to tell based on how enthusiastic they’re about their craft) gift them this hardcover. They’ll appreciate it.


Study Lamp

Small things matter in life. Even tiny changes can have a big impact. Replacing their boring, ugly study lamp with a classy one such as this may as well get them into the mood to study those extra hours they need.

This beautiful table lamp will last longer than their career (hopefully a long, glorious one) and always remind them of you and you superior taste in gifts. It’s one of those things that’ll never go out of style.


Rolling Stone Magazine Cover

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Brain Anatomy Themed Coasters

Long, hectic study hours often drain us so much that you can’t help but make a mess of our rooms. And if your recipient is not one of those weirdos that don’t drink beer nor coffee to help them keep going these nights they’ll need coasters to preserve their furniture.

These brain anatomy coasters will make a charming gift for any psychology student. They look a bit nerdy, yet kinda cool, appropriate for a gift.


Sigmund Freud Plant Holder

Sigmund Freud is to Psychology what Bruce Lee is to Mixed Marital Arts–a charismatic, early pioneer. He was the one that suggested that parents and their children are subconsciously attracted to each other. He was an interesting man with a fascinating mind.

It’s only appropriate to honor his memory by growing a plant out of his head. If your recipient is a psychology student who’s into a bit of gardening or just wants to have a couple of plants around this will make a charming gift for them.

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