" Face your problems! Unless your problem is your face. "
― Pewdiepie (Youtuber)

If a couple decades ago you told someone they could make a living talking to a camera without being an anchor at a news channel most people would think you were high. Today, you could start a Youtube channel and upload clips of video games while you whine about other Youtubers and make a good amount of cash.

Youtube has its faults. The tons of garbage content it randomly pushes on your feed, the excessive censorship, and, worst of all, the obviously fake prank videos with actors that can’t act if their baby’s life depended on it. But it has also given us some good things. The stunts gone wrong compilation videos, Pewdiepie and Joe Rogan, and a platform for independent journalists not controlled by establishment media companies.

Anyway, youtubers come in all shapes, sizes and niches. Which also means that not every Youtube gift will be one size for all. And no matter what the other gift guides written by hacks will tell you, camera equipment isn’t your best bet. Most professionals are very specific about their choice of equipment. There are some reasons to gift equipment and I’ll be discussing that in this post, but outside of those reasons it’s not recommended.

So, here’s a list of some awesome gifts that you can give to any Youtuber who loves their craft.


Youtube Censorship T-shirt

I’m not a big fan of censorship. I believe that it’s the biggest threat to freedom and civil liberties. After all, what is qualified as worthy of being censored will come to the opinion of whoever has the power to do it. There is no universal right opinion and neither is an universal wrong one.

Youtube has its problems with censorship despite being a public platform. I don’t think companies should get to decide what opinion they get to allow. If your recipient is a Youtuber who dislikes Youtube’s censorship, they will like this t-shirt.


The DSLR Filmmaker's Handbook

This is an excellent guide for independent filmmakers to learn important aspects of DSLR filmmaking. It covers the fundamentals of shooting techniques and also the technical aspects that are specific to DSLR cameras.

If your recipient is a sort of person who believes in learning and improving their skills this will definitely help them with their work. Which is why this book will make a fine gift.


Oscar For Best Youtuber T-shirt

Some hard working creators on Youtube spend a lot of time working on their content so that they can provide quality entertainment for their audience. I feel like they deserve an Academy Award for it, just like the directors, screenwriters and cinematographers.

I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon so here’s a t-shirt you can gift them to let them know you know what they deserve. Who needs an oscar anyway? Those shows are rigged.


Youtuber Clock

Time passes very quickly when you’re creating something you’re passionate about. You get into a zone where all extrinsic distractions cease to bother you. You focus solely on the work at hand. They call it flow.

This gorgeously designed clock portrays that process. And it’s especially designed for youtubers. I’m sure your recipient will love this.


Youtube Logo Desklight

Man, this is a stunning desk light. I’m not even a Youtuber and I want to buy one. I can only assume how much a real Youtuber will love this light. Also, if your recipient records at home they can use it to add to their production design.

This desk light is cool and practical. A recipe for a great gift.


Youtuber's Brainstorming Notebook

Great ideas don’t schedule meetings before they knock on your mind’s door. They just randomly drop by like your friend with no regard for personal boundaries. Many creative professionals keep notebooks to pen down ideas and thoughts to explore. As a writer I do that even when I’m not writing just to keep them from getting lost.

Your recipient will find this beautiful, black, minimal notebook designed for Youtubers very useful. It’s a very thoughtful gift.


Youtuber Subscriber Count

A big, fat subscriber count is like a badge of honor for Youtubers. Like men take pride in the size of their package Youtubers love to boast about their millions of followers. Just seeing that number go up can be a source of motivation to keep going and creating hours of content for their audience to enjoy.

This counter connects to your wifi and you can set it up to reflect your subscriber count. An interesting and unique gift.


Youtuber Fuel Coffee Mug

Speaking of motivation, sometimes those sweet ad dollars and subscriber counts aren’t enough to keep one going. Drowsiness can make it difficult to maintain an enthusiastic appearance. Which is why God (or whoever it was that discovered that coca beans and hot water make for a good beverage) invented coffee.

A cup of coffee provides a jolt of energy needed to get to work for some. This mug labels the drink for what it is for a creator on Youtube. Youtuber fuel.

This will make a fine present for any coffee consuming vlogger.


Recording in Progress Neon Sign

I’ve seen Directors meltdown on set over the slightest disruptions. I understand though. After all sometimes no amount of retakes can bring back a moment of spontaneous perfection spoiled by a ringtone.

Recording a video works essentially in the same way. This beautiful neon sign will let any potential interrupters know that the recording is in progress. This could possibly save relationships from getting destroyed. Which makes this an important present.


DJI Gimbal For Vloggers

Before I mentioned not gifting professionals any equipment because they’re picky about that stuff. That’s true, but there are exceptions. For example, a young, aspiring or beginner Youtuber could use a Gimbal like this to get started.

What this Gimbal does is stabilizes the phone so the footage is less shaky. It can also be used as a small tripod. This is a good option to gift to a newbie though, don’t gift this to a professional Youtuber. They’ll most likely have a better or similar one and your present will not impress them.