" Face your problems! Unless your problem is your face. "
― Pewdiepie (Youtuber)

If a couple decades ago you had told someone they could make a living talking to a camera without being an anchor at a news channel most people would think you were high. Today, you could start a Youtube channel and upload clips of video games while you whine about other Youtubers and make a good amount of cash.

Youtube has its faults. The tons of garbage content it randomly pushes on your feed, the excessive censorship, and, worst of all, the obviously fake prank videos with actors that can’t act if their baby’s life depended on it. But it has also given us some good things. The stunt-gone-wrong compilation videos, Pewdiepie and Joe Rogan, and a platform for independent journalists not controlled by establishment media companies.

Anyway, youtubers come in all shapes, sizes and niches. Which also means that not every Youtube gift will be one size for all. And no matter what the other gift guides written by hacks will tell you, camera equipment isn’t your best bet. Most professionals are very specific about their choice of equipment. There are some reasons to gift equipment and I’ll be discussing that in this post, but outside of those reasons it’s not recommended.

So, here’s a list of some awesome gifts that you can give to any Youtuber who loves their craft.


Youtube Censorship T-shirt

I’m not a big fan of censorship. I believe that it’s the biggest threat to freedom and civil liberties. After all, what is qualified as worthy of being censored will come to the opinion of whoever has the power to do it. There is no universal right opinion and neither is an universal wrong one.

Youtube has its problems with censorship despite being a public platform. I don’t think companies should get to decide what opinion they get to allow. If your recipient is a Youtuber who dislikes Youtube’s censorship, they will like this t-shirt.


The DSLR Filmmaker's Handbook

This is an excellent guide for independent filmmakers to learn important aspects of DSLR filmmaking. It covers the fundamentals of shooting techniques and also the technical aspects that are specific to DSLR cameras.

If your recipient is a sort of person who believes in learning and improving their skills this will definitely help them with their work. Which is why this book will make a fine gift.


Oscar For Best Youtuber T-shirt

Some hard working creators on Youtube spend a lot of time working on their content so that they can provide quality entertainment for their audience. I feel like they deserve an Academy Award for it, just like the directors, screenwriters and cinematographers.

I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon so here’s a t-shirt you can gift them to let them know you know what they deserve. Who needs an oscar anyway? Those shows are rigged.


Youtuber Clock

Time passes very quickly when you’re creating something you’re passionate about. You get into a zone where all extrinsic distractions cease to bother you. You focus solely on the work at hand. They call it flow.

This gorgeously designed clock portrays that process. And it’s especially designed for youtubers. I’m sure your recipient will love this.


Youtuber's Brainstorming Notebook

Great ideas don’t schedule meetings before they knock on your mind’s door. They just randomly drop by like your friend with no regard for personal boundaries. Many creative professionals keep notebooks to pen down ideas and thoughts to explore. As a writer I do that even when I’m not writing just to keep them from getting lost.

Your recipient will find this beautiful, black, minimal notebook designed for Youtubers very useful. It’s a very thoughtful gift.


Waterproof Camera Backpack

Recipients prefer their presents to be feasible. You are better off picking something that is of some use to your recipient. It doesn’t have to be a multi purpose tool set or a boring gadget for it to be useful. Just make sure your gift adds something to their life.

This waterproof camera backpack is a perfect gift idea for a Youtuber who has to travel and shoot outdoors. It looks stylish and will protect their equipment from damage.


Personalized Cinema Lightbox

Youtube videos and movies are very different forms of entertainment. To create the former you require nothing but a phone and an ability to hold your audience’s attention. To make the latter you need a crew and a budget. They’re different forms of media but essentially share the same core: entertainment with visual images and stories. Both involve shooting, editing and putting on a show.

You can say that both modern filmmaking and vlogging share the same origin and hence cinema appeals to content creators. This cinema lightbox is a reminder of a time when the artform was evolving. It will make a cool gift for a Youtuber. I suggest you arrange the letters to spell their channel’s name, making it more personalized and special.


LED Bonsai Tree

In making a film, the cinematographer and director, along with their crew have to design their set in a way that looks cinematic on the screen. That involves production design, composition and lighting. They put in effort to make the visuals more appealing to the audience.

Youtubers have to work with what they have. If they’re shooting their videos at home it works as their own production set. This stunning LED Bonsai Tree will make it look more cinematic. If placed in the right spot it will only add to the quality of the video. A fine gift for any Youtuber who shoots their videos indoors.


Race Car Style Gaming Chair

When your work involves sitting in the same spot for hours while shooting or editing a video, a comfortable chair can make a lot of difference in productivity. Even race car drivers lose speed if their seats are not comfortable enough. Most gaming chairs aren’t designed for comfort though, they’re cheap chinese products with customised branding. This one is a good option. It’s well designed and looks cool.

This isn’t the right gift for everyone. First of all, it’s not easy to carry around a giant gift box with you to a birthday party. Also, not all content creators are gamers and a gaming chair wouldn’t appeal to them. If your recipient is someone who streams games or works indoors and is a family member you’re trying to surprise with an upgrade then this will make a great gift.


Youtuber Hat

When working outdoors directors and cinematographers get to wear a hat that labels their profession. The job title is also a source of pride for an artist who loves their craft.

For a Youtuber working outside in the sun, shooting videos for content, this hat will both protect them from the harsh sunlight and act as a badge of pride. A cool, minimalist hat for any Youtuber proud of their work.


Cinema Tripod Light

A stunning decor light with design that is inspired by studio lights used on movie sets. It makes for a cool prop for videos and adds to the quality of set design. Also, the light itself is useful as a source of practical lighting for shooting which makes it more useful to someone looking to improve the look of their videos.

If your recipient fancies themselves as an aspiring filmmaker and loves cinema, they’ll enjoy this gift.


Youtube Logo Desklight

Man, this is a stunning desk light. I’m not even a Youtuber and I want to buy one. I can only assume how much a real Youtuber will love this light. Also, if your recipient records at home they can use it to add to their production design.

This desk light is cool and practical. A recipe for a great gift.


DJI Drone Camera

Not long ago filmmakers had to rely on big budgets for them to afford cool aerial shots. These required movie camera’s to be flown from helicopters. Not very affordable for your average indie filmmaker who just wants a few cool shots. Today, thanks to the advancement in technology and accessibility to drone cameras, creators are more free to capture these aerial shots which allows for better storytelling.

Youtubers have taken advantage of this and you’ll often see well shot drone footage featured in vlogs. If your recipient is a content creator who enjoys experimenting with cinematography techniques in their videos they’ll be thrilled with this gift.


Waterproof Shower Notepad

Ideas have no manners. They show up whenever they please and will leave without remorse if you don’t pay attention. For many people, creativity strikes when they’re showering. Dalton Trumbo, a prolific Hollywood writer used to take his typewriter with him to the bathtub. Youtubers have to come up with new ideas for content all the time. It’s a cognitively demanding task.

If you’re looking for an unusual yet useful gift for your recipient a set of waterproof notepads is something you should consider. Tell them it’s for them to write down their ideas in the shower. Say that only to close friends or family members though, or it might give off the wrong vibe.


Digital Voice Recorder

Writing with your hands is a good habit. It helps with learning and memory. But most of us are not used to it. Good ideas can strike you anytime and you can’t always carry a notebook or a laptop to type down those thoughts. Writers and journalists have for long relied on voice recorders to capture their thoughts. It’s easy to just press a button and record what’s on your mind.

While you can do that on a smartphone with an app, having a dedicated device that won’t distract you with constant notifications is useful. A digital voice recorder is, although an unusual gift idea for a Youtuber, it’s still a useful tool that’ll help them.


Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield

Some call it procrastination, some say it’s laziness and an artist trying to maintain their pride calls it a creative block, but no matter what you choose to call it every creative professional faces it from time to time. Some can manage to get over it, while others waste countless hours fighting it and not always winning. According to Steven Pressfield there is a force (You can consider it a superstition or metaphor) that prevents artists from getting to their calling in life. He calls it “Resistance.”

In his book Turning Pro, Pressfield offers some insights on this subject and suggests some solutions. It’s a useful book for anyone struggling to find inspiration. If your recipient is having trouble finding the motivation to make content for their Youtube channel, they’ll find this book useful. Gift this to a recipient who enjoys reading. .


Personalized Youtube Creator Award

Awards and accolades are material representations of achievement in different fields of work. And while no one should be motivated to do what they do just for the sake of scoring awards, they can act as markers of milestones achieved and help people build self esteem.

Youtubers get awarded with creator awards by the company when they reach a certain subscriber count. The first one you get after 1,00,000 subs. If your recipient is someone who isn’t there yet but is still aiming for it, this customized award will make an appealing present. You can get their channel’s name on it too.


Logitech Racing Wheel

Men love cars. Your average guy with a male brain can’t resist turning around when a high powered sports car passes by. It’s in our biology to love speed. There’s no wonder racing movies dominate the charts among blockbusters.

Not everyone can afford to go racing everyday. You don’t want to do it on the highway and tracks aren’t always accessible. A racing wheel allows you to get as much close to the real things as possible. Many Youtubers have embraced racing wheels to make gaming videos for their audience. It’s a popular niche.

If your recipient is a content creator who puts out gaming videos and loves to race, they’ll enjoy this simulator as a gift.


The First 20 Hours

Learning doesn’t end in school. It’s a lifelong process. As the complexity of the world and living in it is becoming more challenging with progress, efficient learning has become an essential skill. This is more relevant for a content creator who has to keep up with the trends and the advancement in technology.

The First 20 Hours to Learn Anything is a book by Josh Kaufman, a self described “Lifelong learner” and the author of The Personal MBA. In this book Kaufman teaches his readers how to break down complex skills into sub-skills that you can learn and be competent enough to practice in 20 hours of dedicated practice.

A book can make a great gift for the right recipient. This is a useful book for anyone dealing with creative work. A creative gift idea for Youtubers that’ll help them with their careers.


Bose Noise Cancelling Headset

Practical gifts aren’t for every occasion but they’re the better choice for most recipients. People prefer to get something they can put to use. All you have to do to find the right gift for your recipient is consider their needs.

For a Youtuber who has to record and edit videos, having good headphones with high quality sound are very useful. Even if they own a pair already, these Bose Gaming Headsets will be an upgrade they’ll be glad to get.


Hue Smart Light

Lighting is an important part of shooting videos. Amateurs often make the mistake of lighting themselves with harsh lights that end up making them look bad on camera. For shooting Youtube videos the trick is to use soft, practical lighting sources that complement each other and seem more balanced.

This hue smart light is a cool gift idea to give to a content creator who shoots their videos from home. It looks cool and helps you get a cinematic look.


Youtuber Subscriber Count

A big, fat subscriber count is like a badge of honor for Youtubers. Like men take pride in the size of their package Youtubers love to boast about their millions of followers. Just seeing that number go up can be a source of motivation to keep going and creating hours of content for their audience to enjoy.

This counter connects to your wifi and you can set it up to reflect your subscriber count. An interesting and unique gift.


Youtuber Fuel Coffee Mug

Speaking of motivation, sometimes those sweet ad dollars and subscriber counts aren’t enough to keep one going. Drowsiness can make it difficult to maintain an enthusiastic appearance. Which is why God (or whoever it was that discovered that coca beans and hot water make for a good beverage) invented coffee.

A cup of coffee provides a jolt of energy needed to get to work for some. This mug labels the drink for what it is for a creator on Youtube. Youtuber fuel. This will make a fine present for any coffee consuming vlogger.


Recording in Progress Neon Sign

I’ve seen Directors meltdown on set over the slightest disruptions. I understand though. After all sometimes no amount of retakes can bring back a moment of spontaneous perfection spoiled by a ringtone.

Recording a video works essentially in the same way. This beautiful neon sign will let any potential interrupters know that the recording is in progress. This could possibly save relationships from getting destroyed. Which makes this an important present.


DJI Gimbal For Vloggers

Before I mentioned not gifting professionals any equipment because they’re picky about that stuff. That’s true, but there are exceptions. For example, a young, aspiring or beginner Youtuber could use a Gimbal like this to get started.

What this Gimbal does is stabilizes the phone so the footage is less shaky. It can also be used as a small tripod. This is a good option to gift to a newbie though, don’t gift this to a professional Youtuber. They’ll most likely have a better or similar one and your present will not impress them.