" It is what you read when you don't have to that determines what you will be when you can't help it. "
― Oscar Wilde

Since the beginning of our civilization we have relied on stories to communicate vital information with our fellow humans. Even before the written text existed we shared our experiences and knowledge in the form of stories and tales.

Information in its raw form is boring and well written stories make it more digestible and memorable for those of us who aren’t complete nerds. We are not robots after all. We need some entertainment and a structure to make sense of things.

The invention and industrialization of the printing press allowed the masses to access to knowledge in form of the written word. This lead to generations of readers and writers and millions of books that store and share valuable knowledge.

People complain about not many people reading books these days due to internet and lack of attention caused by short form content. But the truth is actual readers who read because they truly enjoyed it were always in the minority.

This collection of gift ideas is for those readers who love books and take delight in consuming the written word. Pick one that suits your recipient.


Pyramid Bookrest

The human body as it has evolved has its limits. We all know that we’re supposed to sit straight and good posture is important. But even the most disciplined of us need to lie down, just relax and enjoy our favorite piece of literature without much physical effort.

Recipients like practical gifts that are tied to their general interests. This pyramid bookrest will make a fine gift for any reader who appreciates comfort.


Reader Sculpture

We like to decorate our houses with things that reflect our personalities. You will often find lots of neatly stacked books in beautiful bookshelf in a book lovers house. For a reader books are pleasing to the eyes.

This reader sculpture is something a reader would love to own. It looks classy and minimalistic. They can use it as a bookend. It will make a loveable gift.


Book Page Holder

For an avid reader, reading is a pleasurable activity and not something that feels like work. It should require the least effort.

A simple yet well crafted book page holder like this will be a impressive gift for any reader. Gifts don’t have to be extraordinary for recipients to enjoy them. Sometimes simple and practical things with good design are more desirable.


Literary Gift Box

While it’s true that giving multiple items devalues the value of each individual gift in the eyes of the recipient, when designed well gift boxes can be very impressive presents.

This gift box comes with some very useful things for readers (including a book). It has everything a reader needs. The sheer amount of different items will cause dopamine overload in your recipient’s brain.

If you want to go one step further, include a book you like into the box.


Reader Power T-shirt

Reading good books is to the mind what lifting heavy stuff is to the body. Knowledge strengthens the mind. In a men’s world women don’t have many natural advantages except their love for words. Reading and applying the acquired knowledge to your work and life in general gives one the edge.

This “Never Underestimate a Well Read Woman” T-shirt is a cool gift idea for any woman who loves to read. They’ll be flattered and impressed.


Personal Library Kit

Blame human nature for this but most people don’t return stuff they borrowed unless they’re reminded about it a hundred times. This puts your average book owner in an awkward situation. For them their books are valuable and the borrower take them for granted.

This personal library kit solves that problem by borrowing the methods that have worked for official libraries. With this your recipient will be able to track and assign deadlines to the borrowers.

This is a cool gift idea for a book loving recipient who is somewhat nerdy. If they’re not they probably won’t use it.


Reading Like a Writer

I think it’s fair to say that most people who enjoy reading have at least sometime dreamed about writing a book themselves. The more of an avid reader you are the more the desire to write.

In this book Francine Prose teaches readers the art of reading like a writer. It’s a useful book for anyone who dreams to be one. If your recipient is a writer or aspires to be one, this will make a valuable gift they’ll appreciate.


Liturature Quotes Mug

“Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.” Said Earnest Hemmingway. A single sentence with so much truth can only be put together who is a master at the craft.

This mug has some of most famous quotes in literature printed on it. It is designed for readers and is loved by them. If your recipient enjoys reading literature this will make a perfect gift for them.


Kindle Paperwhite

While most people who love books are fond of the real thing and prefer it over gadgets, it doesn’t mean they don’t find them useful. After all, even the most old fashioned readers see the utility of owning a gadget that lets you carry a library worth of books and takes up a only a tiny amount of space. Also it’s the green way.

A kindle paperwhite will make a cool gift for any reader who doesn’t own one.


Bibliophile Reader's Journal

Intelligence is a trait that has allowed our species to dominate the planet. Well, opposable thumbs and the ability to stand upright play a role too, but it’s mostly our ability to reason and solve problems that sets us apart from most animal species.

But even with our big brains we’re awfully inefficient. It takes us decades to learn to function in the world and be independent. We’re not robots and don’t have perfect memory. Organization of information helps with learning. You need to revise the things you learn to make them stick.

This bibliophile journal helps you keep note of your reading. Something a reader will find useful.


Airplane Bookends

Readers own lots of books (Duh!) and always welcome cool looking bookends as gifts. Whenever in doubt just give them a well designed bookend set and they’ll be happy.

This airplane bookends set will make a fine gift for any lover of books. Even better if your recipient likes planes or is a pilot.


Anti Bookmark Mug

I’m not sure if there is a contention between readers who use bookmarks and those who are against it. Maybe I’m just out of touch. Anyway someone designed this coffee mug so there must be people out there who are “Anti Bookmarks.”

Maybe someday this movement will be popular and even be a subject of the presidential debate. For now though this mug will suffice.

If your recipient is “Pro Bookmarks” and prefers to read in short breaks, they likely won’t appreciate it. For others who prefer finishing books in a single sitting it’ll be a fine gift.


Portable Reading Light

Sometimes the sun goes down but you have trouble falling asleep and would rather read a book while you wait. Keeping the lights on isn’t always an option and table lights are not ideal. Plus you can’t carry them everywhere.

This portable reading light solves that problem. A modern solution that readers in history will be jealous of if they saw it. A very practical and impressive gift idea for a reader.


Reader Cat Poster

A neat trick marketers use to sell products is to target multiple interests of their target customers in the same product. As savvy gift givers we can take a page out of their playbook and use it to enhance the effectiveness of our gifts.

You can gift this reading cat poster to a cat owner who also loves books. They’ll be twice as delighted.

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