" History is who we are and why we are the way we are. "
― David McCullough

If you don’t much like learning about history you probably had a incompetent history teacher in school. How else can one screw up teaching a subject that is designed to be fascinating. We all love stories. Humans are wired to crave for them. The popularity of Netflix is a testament of it. After all, knowing that your great uncle was killed and eaten by a big cat with claws is a story good to keep in mind for a caveman teenager learning how to hunt.

History is full of stories that are more far more interesting, thrilling, full of twists and turns, heartbreaks and tragedies than your bestselling piece of fiction on the latest NYTimes bestselling list. If well told, learning about the events in the past that shaped the world can be a fascinating experience.

Following is a list of some impressive gift ideas for history buff recipient. Most people don’t find books to be very impressive gifts, but that’s the opposite for people who love history. They’d love to read a book they didn’t know about and would be grateful for the surprise. So I’ve included a bunch of books that I found to be very good. If you don’t prefer giving books than there are other equally fine options.


History - The O.G. Teacher T-shirt

You learn from the past so you know how to move forward with ways that try not repeating the mistakes. You once touched a flame with your bare hand. That’s history. Learning that it hurts is knowledge. That’s why history is a teacher we all should be taking guidance from.

Maybe the context changes with time and those lessons have to adapt but if you look carefully enough, you’ll find patterns of how things work in history that apply to the modern times irrelevant to the advancements.

A cool t-shirt with a deep message. It’s a gift any history buff will love to have.


Presidential Slogan Coffee Mug

We are all familiar with Donald Trump’s “Make American Great Again” (MAGA) slogan that was the hallmark line of his campaign. It’s very similar to Ronald Reagan’s presidency, you may remember his slogan that inspired the former–“Let’s Make America Great Again.”

The similarities don’t end there. They are both outsiders, came from celebrity backgrounds who paved their way into American politics and became presidents.

The campaign slogans in the american election history are important because they represented the philosophies that shaped the world. They’re in a nutshell a representation of hopes and dreams of American people.

A history buff would appreciate this idea and what the mug represents. It’ll make an interesting gift.


Lies My Teacher Told Me

In case you’re already thinking about reconsidering your feelings about how good and deceptive your teachers were, wait a second. This book is not about a big conspiracy of lying history teachers. This book is the author’s perspective on the validity of the syllabus they’re teaching in the schools nowadays.

This doesn’t mean your teacher outright lied to you (Or maybe they did. I don’t know your teacher. Maybe they told you that Abraham Lincoln was a big fan of dubstep. That’s a lie. He liked punk rock. )

Anyway, this is an interesting take on history as we know it. You can read it and make up your own mind. And you can gift it to anyone who likes reading about alternative facts in history.


Search History Card Game

Technically this is not really about actual history. It won’t help you learn facts about the civil war or perverted egyptian kings. This is a fun card game you can play with your friends.

I figured history buffs are curious people and this game is for curious creeps who want to know what you search online. Kind of like people working at the NSA or Facebook. Don’t tell them your passwords.

Anyway, you can gift this to anyone.


Life Cover Collection Puzzle

Iconic moments in recent history can be summed up with a montage of life magazine covers.

From historic photos of the man on the Moon to our journey to Mars. It all reminds us how humanity has evolved in recent times.

This is a puzzle made up of life magazine cover pictures. It makes you feel like putting together history to see a metaphorical and literal big picture. A fine present.


Placing The Past Game

Someone came up with an idea to make money out of turning high school students flashcards into a game. I guess ideas can come from anywhere. Even in your kid’s backpack. You just have to look.

This game tests your knowledge of historic events. Most of us won’t enjoy the game due to our incompetence in the subject but a true history buff would want nothing better for a gift.


Timelines of Everything Book

Who said picture books are meant for kids? No one reads anymore. After all who will read a 200 page book by Stephen Hawking if you can just be an expert on black holes by watching a 7 minute video on Youtube.

Anyway, if your recipient doesn’t read much but is still interested in learning about history this will make a great gift.

Even if they do read they’ll still love to own this one. Trust me. It’s a neatly put together book of events with historic pictures and graphics.


The Unemployed Philosophers Guild Mug

I can tell you that even though this mug costs a thousand times less than a philosophy major degree and still has the same effect on your employability.

Philosophers have helped shape history in significant ways. Their ideas shape politics and how we think.

Your history loving recipient is probably interested in philosophy. If they are this will make a fine gift.


American Trivia Cards

Youtube is full of videos of street interviews in which you see Americans failing to answer basic trivia questions about their own country.

You can tell your education system is not very effective when people can name more avengers than past presidents.

If your target recipient is a kid or a teenager this will help them with learning about American trivia and if they’re adults they can brush up the knowledge of American trivia.


Military History Calendar

America has had a proud military history (There have been some bad chapters.) Movies are made about the good, brave soldiers defeating the bad guys all over the world. From the world wars to eliminating the mastermind behind 9/11. It’s something to be remembered

The military history calendar is full of important events in the military history that shaped the world. A perfect gift for history buffs and veterans.


Civil War Box Set

For those of you who saw this and thought this is a new Marvel film, you need to get some history lessons.

This is a set of books about the history of the civil war. Very vivid and detailed accounts of an event that shaped history and would forever change a country. Only a true history buff will appreciate this.


111 History Lessons You Should Have Learned in School

There are lots of important things you don’t learn in school. Some would argue that you don’t learn anything practical in school anyway.

I don’t think that’s necessarily true. School gets you started on a learning path and it’s up to you to keep learning more about the world.

And I don’t blame you for not wanting to read a boring history textbook. Life is too short to be reading dull, lifeless writing.

This book though is very well written. It’s funny and full of historical takes you didn’t know. A great gift any history buff would love to own.


History Mysteries Classics DVD

Happiness can mean different things to different people for some it could mean spending time with loved ones for some travelling to the other end of the world. For someone who loves history and its mysteries it could be watching a documentary about Nazi ghost towns.

This series is a set of discs and documentaries all fun to watch. An interesting series they’ll enjoy watching.


Magicians of The Gods

I watched Graham Hancock, a British writer and journalist, for the first time on Joe Rogan’s Podcast. I had read one of his books before which was fictional but on that podcast I found out about his non-fiction work.

Magician of the Gods is one of his books. It’s an absolutely fascinating read that discusses the discovery of an extinction level event that almost wiped out life on Earth about 12,000 years ago. A must read for everyone and a good choice for a gift who is into ancient history stuff.


The Ascent of Man DVD Set

Who are we? Where did we come from? Where are we headed? Philosophers have wondered about these questions for centuries.

No one knows all the answers but together as humanity we try to shed light on some of them.

The video is about the history of mankind and our progress in history. Remastered lost footage that won several awards and must watch for anyone interested in history.


United States Declaration of Independence Print

The declaration of independence is a historic piece of document that signifies the birth of the United States as a free country. A true patriot and history buff understand the significance of this document.

This print will make a fine gift. It’s simple yet meaningful.


Family Tree Chart

If you’re going to learn about the history of mankind, you should also learn about your own. That includes that of your family, lineage and heritage.

Some people find this stuff interesting. If your recipient is one of those people, they’ll appreciate this beautiful chart.


Bad Days in History (Book)

There is no time machine and no matter how much you want to go back in time and fix your silly and something seriously dumb mistakes you can’t.

This book is about such mistakes. Like how an Apple investor who pulled out right before a $30 Billion dollar windfall missing out on making a fortune. Tough luck.


Don't Repeat History T-shirt

A well known saying goes, “Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.” This t-shirt is a funny reference to that.

Anyone familiar with the saying will get the joke. A wise and charming fit for any proud history buff.


National Geographic - Visual History of The World

An encyclopedia of world events. Iconic paintings, photos and illustrations. It’s a visual treat for a history buff.

And since it’s curated by the National Geographics, you can be assured that the photos are stunning. A fine present.


Chronology Board Game

If you’re always messing up your dates and can’t remember the timeline of all the Marvel films, this game is for you. Just kidding, nothing can help you with that mess.

This is a board game based on the timeline of historical events. It’s a fun (For those who find board games fun) way to remember dates in history.


Fingerprints of the Gods by Graham Hancock

Not so long ago everyone used to believe that the world was flat and ships would fall off the edge somewhere if they wandered too far.

Then we figured out that it was actually round and we know it as the truth (Except the flat earthers).

This book by Graham Hankcock is the story of mankind’s hidden past that makes us question the origin of the civilization. An interesting read and good writing.

A history buff would appreciate this.


The Greatest Music Stories Never Told (book)

Some real life incidents are so bizarre that they seem too strange to be true. Some seem like just legends and myths. This book is about such stories.

The history of music is full of such fascinating stories. Musicians and artists are eccentric and make up some interesting people. If your history buff recipient is into music they’ll love this book.


Letters That Changed The World

They say the pen is mightier than the sword (I imagine James Bond has such a deadly pen).

Great writing has the power to change the power to change hearts and even shape the world.

This book is a collection of the most influential letters in our history. They help unveil and enlighten the past. An interesting and fresh gift idea.


Art of War by Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu was a war strategist in ancient china. Perhaps the smartest there was.

You may have come across his quotes that are shared around on the internet. Lessons like “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting,” and other such stuff which sounds vaguely wise and true but you have no clue how it applies in real life.

Art of War was Sun Tzu’s masterpiece. You don’t have to be a general in the army to put this to use. The principles in this book can be used to resolve conflicts in real life. It is a universal guide that way.

This will make a fine present for someone who’s into war history strategy.


World History Timeline Wallchart

This wallchart is a 6,000 years of world history mashed into a poster. Over 60 centuries visible in a glance.

Ideal for kids and teenagers interested in history. I don’t recommend it for adults though. Unless they’re full on history nerds.


Gulag - A History

The cold war between the U.S and the soviets almost led us to the nuclear armageddon. Dark times.

Soviets history is full of tragedies.. This book is about gulag, the soviet concentration camps.

This gives you a deep understanding of the side of the world. A fine gift for people who like to read about world history and the dark side of it.


The Laws of Human Nature by Robert Greene

Robert Greene is a master of collecting and reflecting stories from history to make sense out of it. He’ll show you what the past tells you about human nature and the laws of how the world works.

A book full of interesting anecdotes about the most fascinating people from our past.


Mexican Calendar Themed Clock

A beautiful bamboo frame with mexican calendar print. It looks exotic and reminds us of the diversity of perception in measuring time.

This is more of a showpiece than anything. It looks cool though.


33 Strategies of War by Robert Greene

Another good book by Robery Greene. Anecdotes and incidents from the history of war and conflict that gives you an understanding of how it works.

It also reflects on how these principles are applicable in real life situations. A study of history combined with an apprenticeship of psychology.


History Buff Definition Funny Mug

“People who’d find you more interesting if you were dead.” is the definition of history buff according to this mug. I think they should consider adding this into the oxford dictionary.

Gift them something in good humor that pokes fun of their obsession with history. It’s charming and relatable. They’ll have a good laugh about it.


Greatest Stories Never Told

A primary characteristic of a history enthusiast is morbid curiosity. And this curiosity is never more stroked than when learning about revealed secrets and previously untold stories from the past. It has something to do with the thrill of finding out about stuff that we were not supposed to know about.

This book is full of such stories. Once example is of a top secret group of world war II GIs who staged traveling roadshows of deception on the battlefields of Europe. Fascinating stuff.


The Secret History of World War II

The war that significantly altered humanity and the nature of war forever will always intrigue us. After all, the future of mankind was dependent on its outcome.

This book gives us a glimpse of parts of that history that are not mainstream. A must read for any history lover.


True Facts Book

A collection of over 500 amazing and mind blowing facts from history that make up great conversation starters. Most of which sound too bizarre to be true but fascinating non the less.

It has some intriguing facts such as how a chicken once survived for two years after having its head cut off and even has some borderline disturbing ones such as when a worker bee mates with the queen bee, its pee-pee explodes.

An interesting gift for any curious person who doesn’t mind extra fun facts in his brain.


Julius Caesar Pencil Holder

When Julius Caesar was conquering great lands and trying to rule the world he was aiming for fame. He dreamt of his name being known all over the world as a great ruler and hoped that his statues would be made. But I don’t think his image serving people as a pencil holder was not exactly what had in mind.

I bet your history loving recipient will love this. It exactly what one would imaging a history professor or scholar would own.


Women Make History T-shirt

When it comes to freedom and the right to be treated equally history hasn’t been kind to women. To an extent, even in developed nations, women still have to struggle for equality. They are expected to be mannered, nice and polite. They are told to smile more and discouraged from disagreeing with men (Meaning not to have your own opinions.)

And as the past teaches us women who rebel against these subversions do make in the history books. Women like Coco Chanel who single handedly transformed women’s fashion by making women’s clothes more masculine.

This will make an inspired gift for any woman who values her independence.


The Book of Awesome Women

Speaking of women’s accomplishments, it is a unfortunate truth that history books don’t put much emphasis on teaching students about the contributions of women to our society.

The Book of Awesome Women by Becca Anderson discusses female figures such as Dian Fossey, Anita Hill, Eleanor Roosevelt and more.

This book is an ideal gift for any young girl who is interested in history. It’ll introduce them to some amazing idols and role models.


Black Heroes

We are all individuals but also parts of our identities relate to the groups we share them with. This is why when fellow countrymen achieve something on the world stage we feel some pride.

For your average American If they think of Black heroes only a few come to mind. Besides MLK or Rosa Parks and a handful others the achievements of the greats in the African American community has often been overlooked. Black Heroes brings you the biographies of lesser known yet important black personalities such as aviator Bessie Coleman and astronomer Benjamin Bannekar and many more.

This book brings you the stories of the most inspiring personalities in the past and present. It’s a fascinating read for anyone willing to learn about the history of the black heroes–the book covers scientists, musicians, Egyptian rulers, civil rights activists. It is meant for readers between the ages of 8 and 12 and covers over 50 black leaders and role models from history.


The Great Book of Texas

It’s not an exaggeration to say that your average Texan is very proud of their heritage. Go to one’s house and you’ll see all kinds of Texas themed items all over the place.

You’ll find some useful information in this book as well as facts that you’ll never need but are amusing nonetheless. Such as the hideout of Bonnie & Clyde. Also you’ll read about a hotel in austin which is considered the most haunted place in Texas.

If your recipient is a Texan cowboy who doesn’t mind reading a book once in a while and is a history buff they’ll enjoy this book about Texas.


19th Amendment Mug

If your history buff recipient is a feminist or believes in the principles of feminism, they likely know the significance of the 19th amendment in the history of women’s rights. Women had to fight for their right to vote and participate in the democratic process. And it wasn’t even that long ago.

This will be an ideal gift for a woman proud of her sisters and their fight for the rights of her.


African American History

I don’t think it’s enough to have a black history month to cover all the history of the African American community. Learning about a historically significant part of a dark American history that has systemic effects on the lives of people even today is essential so that we can have empathy for those who carry the baggage that comes with it.

This book will be a great gift idea for any history buff who is interested in learning about the history of the African American community and how it relates to the modern world. It covers the accounts of the most significant events, individuals, terms, ideas and social movements that defined the black history in the United States.


Ukraine and Russia History

In light of the recent events that have shook the world, I think it’s worth going back to the history books to figure out what caused it.

Written by Paul D’Anieri, Ukraine and Russia: From Civilized Divorce to an Uncivil War gives you insights on the dynamics between the two former soviet states and current neighbors. You can give this to anyone curious about the ongoing war in Ukraine and wishes to learn more about the history of it.


Kindle Essentials

History buffs are well characterized by their unending curiosity about the past events and are often readers who just prefer to read books about history rather than literature. A kindle is a useful device for anyone who loves reading and even for those who love reading about history.

If your recipient doesn’t own one already and isn’t too averse to modern technology (like one of those weirdos who will denounce all things digital.) This will make a very useful present they’ll appreciate.


History Themed Coasters

I bet a lot of beautiful vintage tables have been ruined because of the unwillingness of the owners to use a coaster. Water hates wood. We all know it yet find ourselves in the company of people who would let laziness get the best of them and the tables.

If your history loving recipient is a spouse or partner who does this then maybe a history themed coaster will encourage them to use it thereby saving the table.