“If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.”
― Ernest Hemingway, A Moveable Feast

Did you know that there are 1,784 bakeries and 1,124 bars in Paris? Go to Paris and you’ll never be very far from a place where you can buy a pint of beer or eat some fresh bread. Although you might get lost among the 6100 streets in the city.

Too many books have been written about this great city, too many films, and way too many romantic poems. Artists and writers can’t get enough of it. Makes you wonder what’s so special about the place. And if you know someone who’s a lover of the city, you know how their eyes shine when they talk about it. They love it and they adore anything that reminds them of it.

The following is a list of the best Paris themed gift ideas for people who love the city. Pick one that suits your recipient’s style.


Paris Themed Watercolor Style Backpack

If you are looking for a gift for someone who’s a student that likes Paris, they’ll love this stunning backpack. This watercolor style backpack is ideal for anyone who likes artistic designs.

If your recipient is a minimalist they probably won’t use a thing like this, but if they like well designed, colorful stuff this will make a fine gift for them.


Paris Themed Tumbler

Good design makes even the simplest things very attractive and desirable. We are all drawn to beauty and want to be surrounded by it. Great design is art.

This stylish Paris inspired tumbler merges a photo of the Paris streets and graphics of the Paris skyline. The result is a very cool design that will please your recipient.


Streets of Paris

Paris has a distinct character that you won’t find in any other city in the world. Culture influences art through the artists, and art, in turn influences the culture. The streets of the city are fascinating for any traveler to explore.

Streets of Paris is a photo book that contains the work of over fourty photographers who roamed the city to find the most interesting subjects to capture. Your Paris loving recipient will enjoy getting this visual treat as a gift.


Minimalstic Eiffel Tower Themed Mug

If you’re unsure about your recipient’s preferences, pick an item with minimalistic yet attractive design. They’re more versatile and this way you’re less likely to give them a gift that isn’t their style.



Black is a neutral color that works for almost everyone and black things are perceived as more expensive by recipients.

This premium black mug with a minimalistic Eiffel tower design will please any Paris lover with class.


Traveler Themed Tote Bag

Gifting accessories can be tricky. You need to know your recipient’s style in order to give them something they’ll actually use. If you are familiar with their fashion choices you can be close to getting their style right.

If your recipient has a taste of stylish, colorful things, this traveler themed tote bag will make a fine gift for them. It has a cool Eiffel Tower drawing on it too. Great choice for any lover of Paris.


Paris in Color by Nichole Robertson

Anyone who’s ever been to Paris, or wants to visit there, will enjoy this photo book. Paris is too beautiful to capture in photos, yet the photographer has done a fine job. More or less, she has captured the essence of the city.

It’s as if seeing the pictures takes you there. With some imagination you can imagine staring at the window from the photo as if you were standing next to it. That’s what art does–makes you believe. This is 150 pages of beauty bound together to give you a delightful and evocative experience.


Paris Music Box

Long before Spotify and bluetooth speakers people relied on old technology like vinyl and cassette players to listen to their favorite music, and even long before that it was a simple mechanical music box that two german inventors came up with.

Although there’s no need for them anymore, music boxes do make charming and romantic gifts. This Paris themed music box will make a fine gift for any Paris loving girlfriend you want to impress.


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Eiffel Tower Personalized Jewelry Dish

Oftentimes gift givers overestimate their ability to predict their recipient’s needs and wants. In most cases, though, they are off the mark. That’s because you don’t really know what a person needs as much as they know their own desires. To avoid this error you must pick gifts that are more versatile yet reflect your recipient’s interests.

A jewelry dish, and a beautiful one such as this, is useful and desirable to any lady who owns jewelry. It’s a fine gift idea for any lady.


Tasting Paris - Recipe Book

While it would be nice to go to Paris or better to move there for a while and enjoy the food, not every Paris lover can manage to do it. It’s still no excuse to deprive oneself of the delicious French food. After all, it doesn’t make a difference to the tongue in which part of the world you eat the food in.

This cookbook has a collection of 100 Parisian recipes from Ratatouille Pita Sandwich to the famous “Parisian Clotilde Dusoulier.” I can’t even pronounce these but I want to eat these dishes with pompous sounding names. If your Paris loving recipient fancies themselves a chef or even occasionally visits the kitchen this will make a fine gift they’ll enjoy.


Eiffel Tower Themed Necklace

The tradition of giving jewelry as gifts has been a long part of human history. Our ancestors believed that it brought good luck to the recipients. They were generally given to travelers as a sign of good luck for long journeys. I don’t know if it brings good fortune to the recipient but jewelry, when picked with thought, can make impressive gifts.

This stunning Eiffel tower charm will make a cool gift for any romantic soul who loves the symbolism of the Eiffel tower in romance. You can gift it to a girlfriend or even a close friend.


Paris Map Cuff Bracelet

Recipients prefer gifts that are general and practical than unique and specific ones. You should always pick a gift that matches their general interests and is of some use to them.

This bracelet is a unique gift idea because of the unusual design, but it’s also practical and general. For someone interested in Paris and its culture it makes sense they will like it.


Paris Bon Voyage Water Bottle

We all know that water is essential to life and most of us don’t drink enough of it. It’s a good idea to be hydrated. So, If you gift a beautiful Paris themed water bottle to your recipient they’ll be more inclined to carry it and keep their water levels high.

It’s a cool looking, stainless steel bottle that anyone who loves Paris would love to own. It says Bon Voyage on it so it’s perfect for travelers.


The Little Museums of Paris

Everyone knows the most popular tourist attractions that Paris has to offer. They need no introduction and that’s exactly what makes them boring. You’ll visit the Louvre or the Eiffel Tower once or twice before you’re done with them.

Little Museums of Paris is a resourceful guide to the interesting yet little known places in the city. If your recipient is someone who likes to explore the hidden gems of the world, they’ll appreciate getting this book as a gift.


Paris Themed Pillow

This is not the 1920’s. Pillows don’t have to be boring and ugly. These days you can get any kind of pillow design you can imagine.

As far as gifts are concerned, this pillow satisfies the requirement to be a good gift. It’s practical, reflects your recipient’s interest (Paris) and it’s pretty. I’m sure your Francophile recipient will enjoy it.


Viking Siege of Paris

The vikings were infamous for raiding and pillaging cities around the world. They were a formidable force to be reckoned with. It was only time before they turned their army towards the rich city of Paris. Viking Siege of Paris is a book that tells you the story of their year-long expedition to conquer medieval Paris. It’s an interesting tale that explores a brutal part of the history of this city.

If your recipient is also a history buff who enjoys learning about significant historic events, they’ll enjoy the read.


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Paris Model Puzzle

We are attracted to activities and tasks that interest us and stimulate our minds. Things that we find fun keep us engaged for hours while those we think are boring struggle to keep our attention. Some people are naturally attracted to solving puzzles because they enjoy them.

If your Paris loving recipient is someone who takes pleasure in working on puzzles or building stuff this might be the gift for them. It’s a simple one, but the end product will satisfy them.


Paris by Design

Artists and creative professionals from all over the world are drawn to Paris because of its rich art history and culture. From great writers such as Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald who wrote about the city to painters like Picasso who created many of his paintings there, Paris has seen it all.

Paris by Design by Eva Jorgensen is a book that explores why Paris attracts artists and design lovers. It features interviews and profiles of the city’s most interesting creatives. It also contains recommendations on places to visit, shop, eat and drink. Anyone who loves the city and is interested in learning more about it through an artistic perspective would love to own a copy.


Paris Cocktails Book

Cocktails are fun. Whenever I have friends over at my place for a party, one of the ways I charm them is by making cocktails they’ve never tried before. It’s a cool trick for social events like that. Paris Cocktails, as the title suggests, is a collection of over a 100 cocktail recipes from the French. You’ll generally only find these cocktails in some hip places in Paris. It teaches you how to drink like the French.

If your recipient is someone you think would enjoy trying out these recipes give them this book. They’ll enjoy the experience of trying them out.


Paris Wall Sticker

If you can’t be in Paris, bring Paris to you. Here is a beautiful wall art that paints the magnificent city on your wall. It looks really cool and suits light backgrounds. Kind of turns any dull, boring wall into a storybook. A great idea for a kid’s bedroom, especially those who like Paris. They’ll love it.

You can also surprise your partner by turning your bedroom more romantic. Maybe they want to travel there or move there in the future. For now this will be a lovely gesture.


Eiffel Tower Bookends

For people who enjoy reading and own a ton of books, keeping them all organized and neat can become a task. Fortunately, thanks to capitalism, you can find all kinds of bookends in the market to stack your books with. If your recipient is a person who owns a library worth of books and also loves Paris they’ll appreciate these Eiffel Tower bookends.

Practical things that make life convenient make great gifts. I suggest you always pick a gift that has at least some utility to your recipient.


My Paris Kitchen

Named the best cookbook of the year by Amazon and other reputed publications, My Paris Kitchen is a collection of French inspired recipes by popular food blogger, author and pastry chef David Lebovitz.

David has spent years in Paris cooking, baking and trying out local recipes. In this book he shares 100 of those with the readers. The book contains stunning pictures and easy to follow guides. If your recipient enjoys French food, maybe even cooking it, they’ll be glad to get this book as a gift.


Paris is Always a Good Idea T-shirt

You can’t really refute this message. It’s never a bad idea to go to Paris. Of course, if you can afford it. You don’t want to rack up a ton of debt because you couldn’t resist a spontaneous vacation.

Anyway, let’s not get too practical. What matters here is the feeling behind the thought. Someone who loves the idea of Paris will naturally relate to this t-shirt. Just make sure you get their size right though. A bad fit is the quickest way to ruin a good gift.


Paris Skyline Glass

Flattering someone with a gift is an art which involves subtlety. While you should put some thought into whether your is good, overdoing it is often a waste and leads to bad gifts. You should consider your recipient’s interests and use them to find something that reflects them.

This Glass with the Paris skyline inspired design etched on it will let your recipient know that you were mindful of their likes. A glass is always useful to own, no one minds having some extra glasses lying around. Especially if they’re as stunning as this one.


Eiffel Tower Notebook

Gone are the days of paper and pens. Everything is digital now and we are barely used to writing with our hands. It’s not a bad thing. After all, less paper used means less trees need to be cut down. Sometimes, though, writing the old fashioned way is useful. It inspires creativity.

This Eiffel Tower themed notebook will make an ideal gift for any recipient involved in a creative field. Writers love decorative notebooks. It’s a cool design that any aspiring writer will like.


Eiffel Tower Throw Blanket

Researchers have been puzzled by the errors in gift exchanges that we are all prone to. The most efficient gifts (money, what recipients directly ask for) seem inappropriate. They go against the spirit of gift giving. While more intuitive gifts are often inefficient and not well liked by recipients.

To overcome this you have to strike a fine balance. Find something that is practical and general and yet “giftlike.”

This Eiffel Tower throw blanket is such a gift. Your recipient won’t mind having an extra blanket around. This is a cool design too. Depending on how much of a Francophile they are will influence how much they love it.


French Flash Cards

Learning a new language isn’t easy. It takes consistency and lots of practice. You can use all the aid you can get.

This flash card set is a great tool to help with learning and remembering the fundamentals. There are resources you can use to learn a language online too. The Duolingo App is a great one. Still, having physical cards that you can carry with you is helpful.

If your recipient has mentioned their will to learn French, you can gift them these cards. It’s a thoughtful and useful gift idea.


Paris Travel Guide

If your recipient is about to travel to Paris or is planning to in the immediate future consider this photo travel guide as a gift option. It’s a well designed guide that covers must see places, maps, hotels and accommodation and more. A very helpful tool for anyone who is trying to get around without an actual tour guide.

Avoid this if they don’t have plans to travel to Paris. For someone who wants to badly and can’t it’ll be like rubbing highly acidic salt on their deep wounds.


Paris Themed Spa Gift Basket

Recipients are often delighted by gift baskets. After all, a basket full of gifts is sure to send a surge of dopamine into anyone’s brain. That is not to say that you can’t go wrong with these. If your gift basket is full of stuff that is of no use to them, your recipient won’t care for it.

This Paris themed gift basket is perfect for anyone who likes Paris and also enjoys a nice bath. It’ll make a fine gift for anyone who owns a bathtub.


Paris Themed Jewelry Box

Some people argue that recipients always prefer practical gifts, and that may be true for some, but it’s not the case for most people. A gift should be a luxury. As for whether it should be practical or not, the fact is, it doesn’t hurt to give something that’s of some utility. Just don’t emphasize it.

This Paris themed jewelry box is a perfect balance of luxury and utility. Your recipient will be delighted to have this classy box to store their jewelry in.


Eiffel Tower Themed Music Box

What makes a thing “giftlike?” Uniqueness is one trait that good gifts have. Ideally, your gift should be something that you’ll find easily in any utility store.

This gorgeous Eiffel Tower themed music box will impress any Paris lover. It’s a gift that’s ideal for a romantic partner or a female friend who adores the city.


Notre Dame de Paris Puzzles

Does your recipient enjoy building things for fun? Are they a budding genius who loves solving puzzles? Are they a fan of Paris architecture?

If the answer to any of the questions above is yes, then this Notre Dame de Paris puzzle set will make a fine gift for them. They’ll have fun solving and building it and showcase it as a decorative item afterwards.


French Wool Beret

Not everyone can pull off a beret. If you believe that your recipient can and will like to, this simple yet classy gift idea may just work.

You’ll need to know your recipient’s taste well enough to figure out if this is right for them. Chances are, your Paris loving recipient won’t mind owning a cool beret for whenever they just want to feel a little French.


Paris Perfume Shaped Handbag

Fashion trends come and go. Timing is what makes giving someone an accessory as a gift work. Perfume bottle shaped handbags are hot right now. Good for style, bad for privacy.

If your recipient loves everything associated with Paris, they’ll likely appreciate this Paris themed perfume bottle shaped handbag.


Eiffel Tower Lamp

Recipients are often delighted by gift baskets. After all, a basket full of gifts is sure to send a surge of dopamine into anyone’s brain. That is not to say that you can’t go wrong with these. If your gift basket is full of stuff that is of no use to them, your recipient won’t care for it.

This Paris themed gift basket is perfect for anyone who likes Paris and also enjoys a nice bath. It’ll make a fine gift for anyone who owns a bathtub.


Paris & Modern Gastronomic Culture

Have you ever wondered how restaurants came to existence? I mean who decided one day that it’d be a great idea that strangers would sit in the same room and publicly eat food? This book has the answer. Apparently, it was the Parisians. Who else could come up with such an absurd idea at the time?

This book discusses how Paris influenced the modern social culture of food. A fascinating read for anyone who is curious about such topics.


Paris Map Magnet

A place is defined by its boundaries. The lines on a map are the identity of a place. Wars are fought over states trying to invade and impose on the boundaries of other states and nations.

Knowing how important these boundaries and lines are, you don’t have to wonder why people associate so deeply with them. A map represents that identity. For someone who truly loves Paris, they’ll like this simple yet beautiful heart shaped Paris map magnet.


Eiffel Tower Charm

This is a give to impress kind of gift. It’s expensive, after all. Ideal as an anniversary present or for special occasions. If you are feeling extra romantic, tag along a note with your most romantic and special memories written on it. They’ll never forget the gesture. Something like: “Something always remind you of the sweet memories we created on the Eiffel Tower.” Be creative.

Gifts like these never fail to charm. The little Eiffel Tower is worth a thousand romantic words. It’s also available in silver gold, if your lady prefers that.


Eiffel Tower Bottle Opener

Here’s a refreshing idea–Eiffel tower shaped bottle openers. Just because you can open your bottles with grace. These come readily gift packed in a nice looking box, with a ribbon and all. Also, there’s a “Merci Beaucoup!” tag, which means thank you very much in French in case you didn’t know. It was designed for Paris lovers.

You can gift it to anyone you want to say thanks to. Won’t make much sense to keep the tag if it’s a birthday present though.


Paris Dictionary Art

We are all artists in some way or the other. Some people express their artistic style by painting strokes on a blank canvas, others decorate their homes with stuff that reflects who they are. If you want to understand a person or figure out their interests, just take a look at their home and the things in it. The poster, décor, furniture and everything else will tell you a story.

For someone who likes Paris and the Eiffel tower, this dictionary poster will make a great addition to their décor.



Amelie. She is sweet, charming, and eccentric. A story of a strange girl in Paris doing strange things. It’s a good film.

A girl trying to find her purpose in life. Not in a life changing way, but in a humorous, feel good way. It’s a French movie. If you don’t speak French, you will have to read it. Any lover of Paris will like this gift. They’ll enjoy the movie very much.


A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway

Some say A Moveable Feast is Earnest Hemingway’s best work. It certainly is one of his best novels. After all, Hemmingway loved Paris and this book is all about his love for the city.

Any Francophile would be delighted to see 1920s Paris through Hemingway’s eyes. If your recipient is an aspiring writer they must read this book. It’ll make a good gift.


Vintage Eiffel Tower Photo Wall Clock

Looking at old pictures reminds us how much things change over time. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that so much was different just a century ago (a fraction of time compared to our planet’s existence. ) and how far we’ve come.

This clock with a vintage photo of the Eiffel Tower clicked somewhere around 1889 - 1900 is a reminder of the nature of time. Always running ahead, never stopping, like the clock itself. It will make a perfect gift for any old fashioned Francophile who likes vintage looking stuff.


Paris Themed Yoga Mat

In the age of comfort and convenience being a priority in everything, we often ignore our body’s need for physical activity. Working out and doing any form of physical exercise is not just good for the body but also for the mind.

If your recipient practices yoga, this Eiffel Tower themed yoga mat will make a fine gift for them.


How Paris Became Paris

They say Rome wasn’t built in a day. So wasn’t Paris or any other city that exists today. They all have their stories. Cities are, in that manner, a lot like a person. It is born into a small thing and keeps growing, evolving. How Paris became Paris is the story of how this great city came to be what it is. It makes for a fascinating reading. It explores some interesting things that set the city apart at the time. Facts such as it was the first city to actively tear down its fortification and brought people in instead of trying to keep that out. A good reminder of how inclusivity is superior to the current trend of exclusivity we see in political rhetoric today.

If your recipient is someone who enjoys reading, especially about historical events they’ll like this book.


Eiffel Tower Cork Cage

Benjamin Franklin said, “Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy.”Everyone should drink wine, and everyone should be happy. They also should save the corks to remind themselves how happy wine makes them.

Obviously, you can live without a cork cage, but it doesn’t hurt to own one. Also if said cork cage is shaped like the Eiffel tower only adds to the beauty of the place. Tell your receiver you thought it would look nice next to their bar cabinet or something like that.


Learn French with Short Stories

We are wired to crave stories. They’ve been essential to our survival since the hunter/gatherer days. A caveman telling the story to his fellow hunter about how he saw a big cat eat his buddy was something in the interest of their survival. We learn best through stories. They help us make sense of things by putting information in a structure we are familiar with.

This book aims to teach French in the same way. Through short stories. If your recipient is someone who desires to learn the language, this may be a useful gift for them.


Paris Key Rack

A capitalistic market ensures that people who fulfill demands of consumers are rewarded for it. If there is a demand for something, however niche that thing may be, you know someone will monetize it. It’s a system that keeps both the consumer and the creator happy.

Who would’ve thought that one day someone would turn something as mundane as a key rack into a beautiful piece of Paris décor. This is a simple yet impressive gift idea for any Paris lover who owns a key.