“You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us. And the world will live as one.”
― John Lennon

Very few things make such an huge impact on the world as The Beatles. The most popular pop band in the world fascinated & influenced millions of fans in the 70s and still continues to be.

Alone, they were just 4 ordinary kids from Liverpool but together they were The Beatles, the band that made history.

They wrote the greatest songs of the time. Their music made the world dance. Thy changed the world.

The popularity of The Beatles was nothing anyone had seen before. So, I’m sure there will be a lot of people searching gifts for The Beatles fans.

I bring you a list of the most loveable gifts for fans of The Beatles.


The Original Studio Recordings

Any Beatles fan who doesn’t own a set of the original studio recordings would love to have them. You would be considered a thoughtful giver if you are one who gifts them this.

Even if they have downloads of the same there is something about owning these physical collection that makes one feel like a true fan.

All the original studio recordings in one set. What’s not to love about this?


The Beatles Anthology

People like to watch interviews of their favorite stars because they reveal stories about themselves. Their experiences, struggles, passions and many things that we normally wouldn’t know.

We humans are naturally intrigued by stories. Which is also why gifts in the form of books, films, documentaries, etc., are loved by the recipients.

A good story that entertains and delights is as good as a gift as any. The Beatles Anthology has hours of Beatles interviews all at one place. Any fan of the Beatles would find this intriguing and likeable.


100 Things The Beatles Fans Should Know Book

You know the biggest regrets people on their deathbeds have are not the things they did but the things they didn’t do. Maybe your recipient will regret not reading this book when they still could.

I’m kidding. Although they’d appreciate reading this book and even be glad to know all the things they learned.

100 Things Beatles Fan Should Know contains a well compiled list of things and facts that any real Beatles fan would be interested in learning. If your recipient likes to read they’ll enjoy this book as a gift.


The Beatles Signature Guitar Picks

Recipients prefer gifts that are practical and reflect their interests. This Beatles themed guitar pick set will make a fine gift for a recipient who plays guitar and is a fan of the band.

This is ideal for aspiring musicians though. Big boy guitarists with huge egos won’t likely use picks like these. After all, a gift is only as good as a recipient find it.


The Beatles Memorabilia Pack

Some things are just cool to own. This memorabilia pack is a kind of thing you didn’t know you wanted until you saw it. Any fan of the Beatles would love to have this in their collection.

The best things in life, the things that bring you happiness are usually the ones attached to your emotions. Things like these take you to a nostalgia trip to the good old days, bringing back great memories.


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The Beatles Soup Mug

I don’t gift mugs to anyone, but when I do I pick the ones that will impress the breathing crap out of my recipient. I got that from a meme.

As far as soup mugs go this is likely one of the coolest looking soup mug on the planet (Prove me wrong.). Far better than your average boring mugs.

You can gift this to a fan of the Beatles and they’ll start eating more soup just to show it off. A cool gift for a soup eating Beatles admirer.


The Beatles Lyrics Stories Book

What’s your favorite band? Your favorite song? Wouldn’t you like to know the stories behind its origin. Wouldn’t you love to learn how and where your favorite songwriter found the inspiration for the music they create?

If your recipient is the curious type and likes to read, they will enjoy this gift. Reading and learning about the musicians and the music they love will make for a pleasurable experience.


Beatles Pop Chart

Thomas Merton said, “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

This doesn’t apply just to Picasso or Van Gogh’s paintings. Any art that has meaning to you and will inspire you is the art you need to have. Even if that is a poster inspired by a song from your favorite band.

This pop chart is an instrumental investigation into the songs of the Beatles. It’s like an infographic, but cooler. A unique gift that a fan of the band would find pleasing.


The Beatles Lego Set

Legos aren’t just for kids. Plenty of adults enjoy their Lego time. Some find it relaxing. A way to get away from earthly problems and focus on doing something with your hands.

This 2933 piece Lego set is a good way to introduce someone to this hobby. It’ll help them relieve stress and clear the mind. The Beatles thing makes it kind of cool too.


The Beatles Sticky Notes

Our minds can only deal with so much information at a time. We’re not computers after all. A little organization helps sort things out.

It’s always better to write down your thoughts on paper instead of letting them floating around in the mind disorganized.

If your recipient is a organized type who likes to use sticky notes for work or studying, they’ll love these Beatles themed sticky notes as a gift.


Beatles Home Cookie Jar

As far as cookie jars go this is by far the coolest one I’ve seen. I guess good design and the Beatles can make anything look cool.

If your recipient is a fan of the band and of cookies they love this gift. It’s useful, looks great and has pictures of their favorite musicians. What’s not to like?


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Stories Behind The Beatles Songs

I’ve already listed a “Stories behind Beatles Songs” book, but couldn’t resist including this one. It has its own unique additions and tales that I’m sure a Beatles fans would love to read. It draws upon decades of research by historians Jean-Michel Guesdon and Philippe Margotin.

If your recipient is a reader they’ll like this gift. If you’ve never seen them read, that won’t likely change. Pick something else.


The Beatles Keychain

Sometimes the simplest gifts end up becoming the most memorable ones. Recipients like practical gifts that reflect their interests. When you pick any gift make sure that it enhances your recipient’s life in some way.

This Beatles keychain is simple enough in its utility yet practical. No one minds having some extra keychains.

This is a versatile gift you can give to any Beatles fan. If you’re going for a gift box you can put this with some other items on the list and you’re good.


The Beatles Magnetic Shapes

Refrigerators can be aggressively mundane to look at. An artist at heart always wants to be surrounded by beauty and life. I’m sure magnetic shapes were invented by someone very bored of dull, ugly refrigerators.

This Beatles magnetic shapes comes with forty two unique shapes. Enough to cover all the ugly, plain metal surfaces in the house.


The Beatles Decorative Cushion Cover

A fact of life one learn when they grow up is that cushions get dirty and you have to wash them eventually. Which is why it’s a good idea to have a couple of spare ones around.

And while plain, regular cushions are good for most people, those who are going for a hip look for their homes, this creative Beatles print cover will be perfect.


Abbey Road CD

If you’re looking for a gift for someone your barely know but know that they’re Beatles fans you should go with this Abby Road CD. It’s casual enough and tells them you were a little thoughtful but not too much, which comes off as people pleasing.

Even in the age of digital music. It’s nice to have physical copies. They feel more real and concrete.


Quote Wooden Sign

The universe operates on rules and patterns that are hard to not notice. Makes you wonder how much free will one has. The rules apply to human behavior the same as to physics. Being selfish makes one mistrust others and not appreciate their love. Only when you selflessly love your self will you feel the love others give you.

“In the end the love you take is equal to the love you make. “

This Beatles lyric sign serves as a reminder of a message one must remember to live by.


The Beatles Coin Bank

We live a world where we are constantly being stimulated by instant rewards and temptations all the time by people trying to monetize our attention. Delayed gratification is a skill necessary to learn.

A money bank is a tool that has been used by parents forever to teach their children to delay rewards. Even adults must practice this skill from time to time.

This Beatles money bank will make a fine gift for any young Beatles fan.


Beatles '66: The Revolutionary Year Book

1966 was the most important year in the Beatles’ history. It was a transformative year that would change the music world forever.

In this book Steve Turner has explored the evolution of the band and how they transformed over the years. Especially the events of 66’. The year of their last concert and the fist album.

I’m sure a true fan would be delighted to read this fascinating story.


Beatles T-shirt

No one minds getting clothes as gifts. After all you can’t ever really have too many extra clothes.

As a giver all you have to do is pick the right size and consider their fashion choices (Colors, style, etc.)

This t-shirt will make a fine gift for any Beatles fan.


Vinyl Wall Clock

Vinyl is going extinct and artists around the world are coming up with ways to recycle old vinyl disks and create something creative out of them. This has lead to some cool results.

This Beatles vinyl disk makes for a stunning decorative item. It looks good on about any wall and will make a impressive gift for any fan.


Beatles Wallet

Wallets have always been a traditionally popular gift and for a reason. They’re practical and everyone uses them. Some like them simple and plain while others are more expressive.

If your recipient has a minimalist style they probably won’t use this. For those who like a bit of color this handmade wallet will make a great gift.


Beatles Card Game

Card games can be fun. When you’re out of things to do with other humans you have to coexist for the time being, you can fall back on this century old tradition of card games.

This Beatles card trivia game, with 600 question about the Beatles, is fun to play and any fan of the band will enjoy it.


Beatles Abbey Road Sweatshirt

A simple, elegant sweatshirt with a clean design for minimalists.

Not everyone likes to wear clothes with heavy graphics and wild designs. Some prefer simplicity.

If your Beatle loving recipient is such type, they will like this sweatshirt. Make sure you pick the right size though.


The Beatles Songbook

If your recipient is a guitar player and an aspiring Rockstar who likes the Beatles they’ll appreciate this cord book as a gift.

Struggling artists are often insecure will take all the validation they can get. After all not everyone makes it and to know someone is there to encourage you in all that uncertainty is good.

A gift like this makes a recipient feel as if you recognize and understand what’s important to them.