" America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves. "
― Abraham Lincoln

One has to be a man of great moral strength and determination to lead a country through one of the most brutal, bloody political crises.

We all know Abraham Lincoln as the president who waged and won the war that abolished slavery in the United States and persevered the union. But most people don’t know much about his other accomplishments.

He was born into poverty and educated himself to be a lawyers, eventually becoming the 16th president of the country. That is as good a inspirational story as any.

Following is a list of gift ideas for fans of Abe Lincoln. Pick one that suits your recipient.


Abe Lincoln Book Lover Poster

Good books do build good character. That is true. It’s more meaningful coming from a dude who educated himself his entire life. He once said his best friend would be someone who gave him a book he hadn’t read.

A well written book explores the tragedies and beauty of human nature that we can relate to. It helps us emphasize with people with different life experiences than our own.

If your recipient loves reading and is a fan of Abe Lincoln they’ll love this poster. It’ll make a cool gift they’ll enjoy.


Great Quotes From Great Leaders Calendar

People are fascinated by quotations from accomplished individuals because of the meaning they communicate. Relatable little lines and words of wisdom for them to draw inspiration from. It’s not really about what the quotes says ( They’re by nature vague. ) but what they remind us that we already instinctively know.

This calendar is full of wise quotations from important personalities in history, including Abraham Lincoln.

If your recipient is fond of words, maybe they’re aspiring writers, they’ll appreciate this gift.


Lincoln's Humor Book

Life is a comedy, some would say. It’s not wise to take it too seriously. We all falter and make mistakes. Being too attached to one’s dignity can lead you to become a fragile, reactive being. While you must stand up for yourself when people with ill intent try to make you the butt of a joke, sometimes laughing at one’s flaws is healthy.

When you see all those gloomy portraits of Abraham Lincoln you might think he was a stoic, but in fact he was considered to be a quite funny guy. He had a talent for mimicry and a great sense of humor.

This book explores that side of the President. An admirer of Lincoln would enjoy reading this book.


Abraham Lincoln Cosmetic Bag

Recipients prefer gifts that are practical and reflect their interests. If the gift you pick is useful to your recipient in some way, they’re likely to have a good impression of it.

This patriotic looking Abraham Lincoln cosmetic bag will make a fine gift for any lady admirer of Honest Abe. It’s well designed, good quality and will be a cool addition to anyone’s collection of accessories .


Abraham Lincoln Inaccurate Quote T-shirt

A person’s morality doesn’t rely on their religious beliefs. Consciousness comes from within. If the only thing stopping you from doing immoral acts is the fear of perpetual condemnation then you’re not really a good person.

Abe Lincoln famously said “When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. That’s my religion.”

This t-shirt is a funny rephrasing of that quote. It’ll be perfect for any recipient with a sense of humor. Just make sure you pick the right size.


Civil War in 500 Photographs

Not everyone enjoys reading. It takes a lot of effort and you need to have a particular affinity for words to be able to be seduced by them.

Thanks to capitalism and its motto: if there’s a demand for it, make it, we have photo books. This book about the civil war tells the story of it in 500 stunning pictures. Being the one that lead the war against slavery and succession of the south Abraham Lincoln is inseparable from it’s telling.

This photo book will make a fine gift for any Lincoln fan who’s also a civil war buff.


Abraham Lincoln Quote Whiskey Glass

A good leader knows that rewarding success will lead to more of it. We humans have evolved to imitate the actions and habits of accomplished people. The big celebrities end up starting worldwide trends for this reason.

When General Grant was on a winning streak and gaining ground, Lincoln famously said, “Tell me what brand of whiskey that Grant drinks. I would like to send a barrel of it to my other generals.”

He meant it as a joke but the intention was the same. He was impressed by Grant and wanted the other generals to do the same. This whiskey glass has the quote engraved on it. It’ll make a cool gift for any whiskey drinking Lincoln fan.


Lincoln & The Irish

History is subjective and often told by the victors. Also, sometimes during significant events, the tellers of it have to focus on the big stuff and leave out the little details. If you began teaching everything about everything that happened in history in school, a lifetime wouldn’t be enough to graduate.

Lincoln and the Irish is the story of Abraham Lincolns connection with the Irish and how they helped him save the union. It’s the story of Irish immigrants that came to America during the famine.

If your recipient is a history buff who enjoys reading about the less told stories in history, this will make a great gift for them.


DIY Abraham Lincoln Penny Potrait

In the increasingly complex world we live in where ease of access to resources has made competition high and life tough, it’s a good thing to take some time off to do something you enjoy.

Engaging in a hobby can lead to lower stress and distract you from anxieties. It’s a good way to practice focus and detachment.

This DIY Abraham Lincoln Portrait is to be made from real pennies. It could be a fun experience for anyone who enjoys this stuff. It will make a fine gift for any recipient who’s below the legal driving age.


Abraham Lincoln T-shirt

Everyone preaches about the virtue of honesty but most people rarely practice it. Life is not as easy as saying, “always be honest, no matter what.” Things aren’t that black and white. But whenever you can you must opt for honest expression. There’s a saying that goes, “If you don’t share you shame, you have it.” Lies come out of shame of revealing the truth.

Abraham Lincoln was known for his honesty. They called him “Honest Abe” for a reason. He used to work at a store where whenever he realized he had shortchanged anyone by mistake he would walk all the way to where he needed to, to return the customer their money.

This cleverly designed t-shirt will make a fine gift for any of Lincoln’s admirer. Make sure to tell them the story behind the name.

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