" Yoga is not about tightening your ass. It’s about getting your head out of it. "
― Eric Paskel

Technology and innovations done since the industrial age have improved our lives drastically. Most of us are living a much more comfortable lifestyles compared to even the richest people in history.

All this progress has its perks. We live longer, we don’t have to walk much or lift heavy stuff and we can get by not learning skills to do tasks that can be easily outsourced and most jobs today require a lot less physical activity than in the past.

It comes at a few costs though. Convenience has made us lazy. Having been evolved from wild apes and having lived for most of humanity’s existence as hunter gatherers, we are designed for physical activity. And without the necessity for it we seem to ignore it completely.

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that originated thousands of years ago in India. Yogis have traditionally passed on this knowledge to their disciples who than pass it on to theirs. And the disciples would thank their teachers by giving them “gurudakshina”(gift to a teacher.)

As it began to gain recognition in the west a new form of tradition emerged. Anyone with the money to pay for it and the willingness to learn and practice this craft can do it.

Giving the right gift to a yoga teacher could be your way of keeping this ancient tradition alive.

Following is a collection of gift ideas you can give to your Yoga teacher. Pick one that suits your recipient’s personality.


Yoga Dice

We are creatures of habits. We like think we are rational beings who are making conscious choices all the time. But most of the time we operate on auto pilot, sticking to routines and habits.

Choices can be hard. Making a choice take effort and willpower. That’s why routines work. They’re productive. But routines can be dull and boring.

This yoga dice will help your recipient switch things up and let chance decide their workout choices. A simple, fun gift appropriate for any yoga teacher.


Yoga Pose Mug

Most Americans can’t live without coffee. For them it’s one of the essentials right after food, water and shelter. Consumption of caffeine does have some downsides though and some health conscious people avoid it. Never trust those people. They’re too in love with themselves.

If your recipient is a yoga teacher who cares for her body but still enjoys some good old fashioned coffee cup sometimes to get them moving, this will make a fine gift.


Yoga Teacher Definition Tank Top

I don’t care what the oxford dictionary says the meaning of yoga teacher is. I believe this definition is more accurate. I do think yoga teachers are modern day ninjas. What else could explain the impressive physical feats and flexibility that would shame a cat?

This t-shirt with a clever definition for their job will delight them. It’s a cool design too. Your recipient will love it.


Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

Yoga exercises the body and heals the mind. Meditation heals the soul. Call it whatever you want but there is an inner feeling of harmony we can all sense that we refer to as happy soul. Meditation helps us be in more control of our attention and regulate thoughts.

Music is medicine to the soul. You don’t have to be a world class guitarist to be able to play some soulful music. This Tibetan singing bowl is a great way to set up a relaxation ritual. Your recipient will appreciate it.


Yoga Canvas Bag

Gift giving errors happen when there’s a mismatch between what givers think are desirable gifts vs. what recipients actually desire. Givers focus on the moment of the exchange and recipients focus on the ownership value they can derive from the gift.

In short, selfishness is the problem. I believe we’re all somewhat selfish beings who operate on self interests for the most part. And that is ok.

This gorgeous Yoga canvas bag meets both parties’ expectations. Givers can take pleasure in displaying their great sense of style and recipients will find it very practical and desirable.


Relaxation Tabletop Fountain

“Be Like Water, shapeless and formless”, says Bruce Lee.

There’s something about water, the way it flows and the way it sounds when drops clash with the surface. It’s a relaxing sound. I own a fish tank and the water filter makes it sound like I’m near a stream. It’s relaxing and allows me to feel like I’m close to nature.

Yoga practitioners and teachers are more connected to nature because of their spiritual practice. This relaxation tabletop fountain will a impressive gift for your recipient.


Copper Water Bottle

Using copper utensils is an ancient Indian tradition that still has some remnants in the culture. Copper is considered to kill harmful microbes in the water and hence purify it. Today it is mostly used in religious ceremonies and is not for mainstream use.

There are benefits to using copper utensils. It improves the immune system and joint health. Practitioner of Yoga are likely to know of these perks.

This copper water bottle will make a fine gift for any yoga teacher. It’s stylish, useful and suits their lifestyle.


Om Metal Wall Decor

Om is the essence of ultimate reality. It is the sound of a very sacred symbol in Hinduism and is closely associated with its practice.

A person who practices and teaches Yoga for a living likely to decorate their places with these symbols. This beautiful Om metal décor will make a fine gift for any yogi recipient who has a wall to put it on.


Science of Yoga Book

People might have a misconception that yoga is not very scientific but that’s not correct. The study of human anatomy has deeply explored in Indian medicine, or at least as deeply as the technology at the time would allow. Centuries before western medicine developed surgeries Indian practiced it. They even performed plastic surgeries.

This book explores the physiology of 30 key yoga poses and explains how they function. It will be useful for any Yoga Teacher to learn from this book and add to their knowledge.


Self Care Questions

Mental health is a subject that has been ignored or stigmatized for most of human history. Looking at why people act a certain way harmful to themselves or others is the way to solve them.

Mental health is important and must be taken care of. You don’t have to wait till things get too much to handle. These self care questions cards help you deal with your thoughts and maintain your emotions.

A empowering gift to give to a teacher you care about.