"My Master Yoshi's first rule was 'Possess the right thinking', only then can one recieve the gifts of strength, knowledge, and peace."
― Splinter, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Turtles have been around on the planet back when the earth’s surface was covered with dinosaur poop. They predate us by over 200 million years. I guess that where the saying “wise turtle” comes from. They’re survivors. They’re slow but they do fine for themselves. After all, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle was a hit, Kung Fu Panda should watch its back.

It’s no surprise that millions of people like these shelled creatures. Despite being desperately slow and looking like a broken stone, they can be beautiful and marvelous. Maybe they remind us of toddlers when they’re vulnerable, slow and afraid. I guess the parenting instincts kick in and we find them adorable.

Anyways, if you’re looking for a kickass gift for someone who likes turtles, you’ll find the best options here along with advice on which one is suitable for what kind of a target recipient.

Armed with this guide, you’ll impress the shell out of your target. Let’s get to it.


Turtle Statue Set

In most cases recipients want gifts that are feasible and provide them with some ownership value. You’re better off giving them something they can use.

There are exceptions to this though. Giving a gift that is practical but without meaning to a romantic partner will likely turn them off. In this case it’s appropriate to pick something that express your intention for a long relationship rather than something feasible.

This turtle statue set is an ideal gift for a turtle loving girlfriend to let her know how you feel about your relationship. It’ll delight them.


Turtle Themed Earrings

It’s kind of difficult to accurately pick an accessory to gift to someone that matches their style. Only your recipient knows what they’ll like and what they won’t. And if you’re too off the mark you risk giving them something they’ll never use.

If you are giving someone an accessory or a piece of jewelry, pick something that’s minimalistic and simple.

These set of turtle earrings is a good example of a gift that will be approved by most women. Anyone can pull them off.


Turtle Paint Water Cup

Most people underestimate how costly it can get for artists to buy supplies. They seem not to value the products these struggling artists create because they don’t know how much effort and investment goes into their work.

If your recipient is an artist or even someone who paints as a hobby, this turtle shaped paint water cup will make a great gift for them. This way you can give them something that’s useful and also acknowledges their interests.


Turtle Fire Opal Silver Necklace

A simple piece of jewelry can make an impressive gift for your recipient as long as you consider their taste. A good way to get an idea on what they’ll like is to observe the kind of jewelry they already wear.

If this fire turtle themed opal necklace seems like something they’ll like to wear, give it to them. This will make a fine gift for a girlfriend who loves turtles.


Personalized Turtle Keychain

You should never pick a gift just because it looks “unique” and different. Recipient don’t want particularly unique or specific gifts.

If you do though, make sure it’s useful to them somehow. This personalized turtle keychain will make a fine gift for anyone who likes turtles. It’s ideal for giving to a romantic partner. They’ll treasure this gesture.


Sea Turtle Night Light

It’s human nature to want to be surrounded by beauty. With all kinds of modern designs focusing on efficiency over aesthetic it’s nice to have some things in the house that just look good.

This turtle themed night light is something any sea turtle lover would want in their home. It’s a good way to have a little illumination the the room that makes you feel serene.


Sea Turtles Behaviour & Biology

Someone who is truly fascinated by turtles would likely enjoy reading about them. There’s a lot to be learned from observing the fellow creatures we share the planet with. We learn how diverse nature is and it gives us perspective.

If your recipient is a curious, nerdy type, they’ll enjoy reading this book. It covers everything from turtle biology and unique behavior to steps that can be taken to conserve them.


Turtle Bookmark

If you know your recipient’s hobbies and interests, picking a gift they’ll like becomes easier. All you have to do is find something that reflects one of their interest and they’ll be pleased.

If your turtle loving recipient is someone who enjoys reading books they’ll like this turtle shaped bookmark.


Sea Turtle Couple's Bracelets

Anyone who has been in the dating game knows how hard relationships can be. They, by their nature, require to put in time and efforts to maintain.

We all have our insecurities and need at least some amount of validation. It feels good to know that your partner is committed to you and invests into the well being of the relationship.

A gift such as this pair of turtle bracelets is a good way to communicate to your lover that you are invested in your future with them. You both will have something to connect you and remind you of one another no matter where you are. A nice gesture that’ll make your partner feel loved.


Turtle Personalized Necklace

The tradition of gifting jewelry has been around for a long time in civilizations around the world. It was a common belief that giving someone jewelry as a gift would bring them good luck and fortune.

I’m not so sure about the superstitious stuff, but jewelry can be very impressive to recipients if done right.

This personalized turtle necklace looks really cool. You can get your recipient’s initial engraved on it. If your recipient prefers their jewelry to be colorful, they’ll love this pendant.


Turtles - National Geographic Book for Kids

The education system, as it is today, makes learning boring by forcing kids to learn things they don’t naturally want to. Don’t get me wrong. No matter how much you hate math, you need to learn it to function in the world. All I’m suggesting is that learning should be more fun to get students to really be interested in it.

If your recipient is someone who’s young and is interested in learning about turtles, you can gift them this book by National Geographic. It covers the topic in a fun way that’ll only grow your little recipient’s curiosity.


Turtle Out of The Comfort Zone Poster

Most of us are familiar with the love of a comfort zone and feeling of safety it provides. The security, or the illusion of it, is not something that can be easily let go. But sooner or later we figure out that the things we yearn for, the dreams that are unfulfilled, lie, not inside the comfort zone but out of it.

Turtles can hide in their shells whenever they feel threatened but if they want to eat and find a mate and have a good life, they must come out. This poster acts as a reminder for all of us to recognize when we settle down in a comfort zone and stop taking risks and therefore stop growing.

Let them put it up on their wall as a constant reminder to become better. They’ll appreciate it.


Turtle Jewelry Box

Cleopatra turned herself into a seductive deity that all men fell in love with and worshiped with the way she transformed herself with exotic clothes and jewelry.

Women love their jewelry. And an accessory for keeping it such as this attractive jewelery is well liked. A turtle loving woman will love it at the first sight and marvel at your newly discovered gifting skills.

It could be a fun way to propose too. That is if they’re expecting you to. If they’re no game, even a cool gift like this won’t change their mind. If they are, it’ll come as a delightful suprise to open it and find a stone they have been waiting for.


Turtle Coffee Mug

“Slow down and enjoy life.” the message inside the cup says. Which is good advice. The same way too much comfort can make us miserable and a failure, when we are too aggressive in our pursuit of anything, we lose track of the bigger picture. It’s called the law of shortsightedness.

This mug, like the poster above, is a reminder for us to slow down for a while and enjoy the little things for a while. The moments you won’t ever get back. Time with friends, family and your kids. The travel plans you can’t find time for.

The constant worries sometimes leave us unable to live and enjoy life. Sometimes it’s important to slow down and take a breath. This will make a thoughtful gift for any friend or loved one. Especially the ones you think need to relax.


Turtle Wine Holder

People who like to fill their homes with decorative items are motivated to do this because they like to be surrounded by beauty and are proud of their beautiful home. A gorgeous, exotic looking gift like this will always be welcomed because it helps improve their house. And for a turtle loving person, it is especially appealing to have some turtle themed things lying around.

With the exception of those in AA programs and people who hate wine for some reason, you can gift this turtle wine holder to any normal wine drinking person.


Turtle Pun Statues

Puns are said to be the lowest form of comedy. They are said to be low class and mindless, we scoff when someone makes a pun in a party, but research says that they actually require high intelligence and creativity. Still, avoid puns. They’re funny, but not in a good way.

There is a victim in every joke and with puns you are the victim. Self disparaging humor only works in your favor if you’re on a stage. In this case though, the turtles are the victims. They don’t mind. They’re statues. Now it’s funny.

These hilarious statues will make great additions to any turtle lovers home.


More Turtles Green T-shirt

Plastic is killing the entire planet, the planet we live in, and the animals, deprived of the facilities we enjoy, face it the first. A little compassion with the species that we share the planet with makes us human.

For those who love turtles and care about saving the environment this will make a great gift. It’s an excellent way to spread the message. We, humans, subconsciously imitate what others are doing. When you put on a t-shirt and express your support for a cause, they get influenced at some level.

If they’ve ever bored you with a thirty seven minute talk about how the use of plastic bottles is killing a turtle somewhere every twenty eight seconds, you know you have found a gift they’ll dig.



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Turtle Phone Purse

Globalisation has improved many things. For one, it increases the demand and diversifies the customer base. More minds working on solving the problems of the consumers. Designers think “No is making turtle design phone cases and phone owning people who love turtles can’t own one.” They go on designing them and there, you have one new unique thing in the world.

More likely than not, your turtle loving friend needs this purse too, even if she doesn’t know it exists yet. They’ll be impressed when you’re the one to fulfill that need.

Knowing the target’s needs is an important step in the process of finding a great gift. The rule of thumb is–if they can imagine how to use it, they’ll like it.


Turtle Smoking Pipe

If you’re turtle crazy friend is a stoner or likes to occasionally get high, a gorgeous smoking pipe will be an excellent addition to their collection. And if you know that they like to collect a variety of smoking pipes then perfect–they’ll be highly impressed.

They’ll tell you you’re cool and ask you to join them for a joint. Then if you decline, they’ll say “peace.” Unless they’re in the mafia. If they are, then deny at your own risk.


Awkward Turtle Card Game

Games are not just for the kids. Why should adults give up all the fun stuff. Now, don’t go around playing with toy planes dressed up in a spiderman costume. Those days are over at puberty. Cards games are acceptable for adults to play and, as anyone who had a good time with their friends playing them, they’re fun.

This awkward turtle game is meant for large groups of 4+ players split into two groups to play. You basically give clues to your team and they have to guess it. What makes it fun is the choice of words, which can be dirty, awkward looking and sounding and hilarious.

You can gift it to anyone really. It’s fun.


Funny Turtle Coffee Mug

If your target recipient is a student, you can show them your empathy to their struggles with this funny and uplifting mug. Anyone who has studied for a tough exam is familiar with the nights of sleepless, caffeine fueled sessions of accelerated learning.

An encouraging message to read every time they take a sip of their coffee will help maintain the morale. Success & happiness is more about your outlook towards them than anything else. We can come in our own way. We tend to exaggerate the negativity of our circumstances. Instead of letting the difficulties of you the obstacles get you down, you just toughen up and face them head on. This sea turtle mug is a good reminder of that.

Maybe write a note and quote me on the line above. They’ll like the gesture.


Turtle Tank Top

This tank top boasts “Turtle is my spirit animal.” For anyone who is proud of their love for turtles, this will make a delightful gift.

T-shirts like these act as good icebreakers. It gives someone who is interested in you an excuse to start a conversation. “You know I like turtles too.” “Oh, that’s cool. I had a pet turtle, his name was Abraham Lincoln.” “Yeah? and what’s your name?”

See, what chance that guy would have without this print on the tank top? Maybe they’ll find the love of their life because of this and you’ll be the one who gifted them this. What a life changing gift.


Turtle Bronze Necklace

Jewelry has been used for seduction since cavemen learned to make necklaces out of shells and claws. Even in those times women loved to show off the power of their tiger hunting mates with the jewelry they made with those claws. It is a way to display status.

Anyway, that was the evolutionary root for women’s attraction to jewelry and still is, but now, mostly, it is means to look more desirable.

Your turtle loving friend or girlfriend will love this bronze necklace. With this they can show off their love for turtles while looking great.


Turtle Key Hider Stone

Let’s face it. Key hider stones became unsafe when they began making appearances in films and TV shows. People started getting ideas when they showed intruders checking the stones near the door for keys.

Even if, say, most of the potential intruders didn’t know they could find a key in a fake stone just lying outside the house instead of breaking in through the windows with bolt cutters, there are still the others, the smart ones who have seen the movies. And don’t even get me started on the stalkers and ex boyfriends and girlfriends who watch these films too.

Anyway, this turtle key hider solves that problem by not appearing in any of those films. You just keep it in the garden along with your flower pots and it seems like a decorative piece just lying there. You can gift this to any turtle loving friend with a garden. Although it’ll be best if you gift this to someone related who trusts you


Turtle Flower Pot

This will make a likeable gift for any turtle lover who owns a garden or even has a few flower pots in the balcony. It’s different from the regular flower pots and has its charm.

Look at the little guy. That turtle seems happy as a kid who just put in a dollar and all the candies from the vending machine came out.

Just don’t be giving it to people who you’ve never seen planting anything in their homes. It will likely never put to use and since they can’t use it, they won’t be impressed by this gift. If they do have plants already, then they’ll like it and will appreciate it.


Turtle Handwarmer Mug

Sometimes it’s just how beautiful the gifts look that makes the receiver like them. We all love to own things that look are attractive. Look at the design of this handwarmer mug. I wanted to own it the second I saw it. Even lying around on the table it only adds to the beauty of the room.

This is made for people who like sea turtles. It is well designed. Mugs as gifts, if boring, disappoint, but if they’re creative and attractive and targeted properly, they make simple yet effective gifts.


Turtle Crossbody Handbag

Accessories make the perfect gifts if you pay attention to the target recipient’s tastes. It never hurts anyone to add one more item to their collection of handbags, shoes, scarfs, etc. In this case, the more the merrier holds true.

This attractive turtle themed crossbody handbag makes sense as a gift. They can use it, which means when they open the wrapping and see it they can imagine themselves putting it to use, which in turn adds to the likeability of the gift.

It’s light blue so it will go with a white or blue or other light color outfits. And the design is very attractive.

Don’t give it to people who you’ve only seen wearing muted down, plain accessories. It won’t fit their personalities.


Sea Turtle iPhone Case

Have a sea turtle admiring friend with an iPhone? Consider this attractive phone case as a gift. It’s simple enough but their love for turtles and the need to protect their phones makes it a gift worth giving.

That is if you’ve actually seen them using phone cases. Some people just don’t like them in spite of the benefits. If you have, you’re good to go. This one is available for all recent iPhone models. Pick the one they own.

Ideal for casual friends, coworkers and such.


Turtle Wine Glass Set

Who says wine glasses have to be plain and boring. Well, I’m not saying we should start a trend of printed wine glasses. God, No. Sometimes it’s best to stick to the classics. I’m just saying that sea turtle lover would love to own a set of these for occasional turtle themed wine drinking.

Someday you’ll find yourself drinking wine at their place in one of these, feeling a bit of pride about your choice of gift.

This will make a fine housewarming gift for friends and relatives. Just don’t be giving this to teenagers. They will like it anyway, but don’t.


Turtle Lunch Bag

For all the talk about saving the environment and the animals, we often ignore the little things we do that are making things worse for them. Carrying lunch in plastic bags at school or work is one of the ways we contribute to destroying the planet.

Well, this reusable, insulated neoprene lunch bag solves that problem and helps us save the world a little. Consider this as a turtle saver meant for turtle loving women and kids.

If they care about saving the planet they’ll love this thoughtful gift.


Turtle Trivet

Ever since the beginning of human civilization, we’ve used animals in different ways to serve us and solve problems and made our lives easier. Donkeys carried our heavy luggage, horses pulled carts and cows give us milk.

Now, since the rise of inventions, things have taken their place and animals are spared. Let this lifeless turtle trivet serve your turtle loving friend.

It looks great as a decorative item in the kitchen and you can keep the hot stuff on it and save your surfaces. The vintage look makes it more appealing. Gift this to women who love cooking. They’ll find it useful.


Turtle Blanket

If your target recipient is not yet of a legal driving age, then this is a great choice. Don’t encourage adults in the form of overgrown babies with such gifts. They need to face life and give up on toys.

Kids love animal themed gifts, or at least when they’re made to look cartoonish and cute (You think teddy bears would be popular if they looked like actual bears?).

That’s why, if you know their favourite animal, it’s easy to find gifts for kids. You have animal shaped blankets, mugs, bean bags, stationery, backpacks, and the list goes on. This will work for any turtle loving kid under thirteen. They’ll love it.


Creature Cup

This is cute. The turtle floats when you put liquid of your choice in it. I find it amusing. Things like these are liked because they fascinate. It’s likely that your recipient didn’t know this existed and it will be a pleasant surprise.

Usually, I’m not a big fan of unique gifts. People don’t know how to pick a gift that’s different enough but also relatable enough to be liked. This one is a fresh idea but also it’s useful and for turtle loving person the turtle is enough to charm them.


Turtle Stuffed Animal

Girls love their teddies, unfortunately, as in a monogamous relationship, boredom begins to set in. Teddies, however cute the women find them, are not enough. Thankfully, there are all kinds of stuffed animals are there that women can hug, cuddle and talk to. It’s not cheating if they have fur.

Just make sure there is at least one teddy bear in their rooms or you know that they like having these things. If your recipient is childlike or even an actual child, this will make a lovable gift.

Gifts like these don’t fail because a girl cannot dislike a teddy (or the alternatives).


Turtle Wooden Box

There’s a charm in simplicity. Oftentimes the simplest gifts we give end up touching them the most.

They can use to store whatever they like. From small jewelry to green, gorgeous weed. It’s up to them.Whatever they do put in there, they’ll end up using it. Always give them something they can put to use rather than some abstract idea they don’t know what to do with.

Another use of this is to put your 5th anniversary present (Jewelry) inside while gifting. That way you stick to tradition while not having to gift them wooden jewelry.


Turtle Snow Globe

Snow globes are designed for dreamers. A snow globe captures a dream, maybe someone want to go to Paris, or someone wants to see the Taj Mahal from up close, but they haven’t gotten to go yet or can’t afford to. The snow globes act as reminders of the dreams that are going to come true someday.

And also, they make beautiful decorative items. May be your turtle crazy friend wants to swim close to sea turtles. One day she’ll make it happen, but till then let them have this dream stored up in this globe. You can gift it to any friend who likes sea turtles.


Turtle Bracelet

You don’t have to gift them expensive diamonds or gold necklaces to impress them. More likely than not expensive gifts make the receiver suspicious about the givers motives. Yet women love jewelry, so something like this works great.

It’s simple yet charming. It goes with any outfit and the little turtle hanging on it makes it an ideal present for a turtle cherishing person.