Thank You Gift Box

Thank You Gift Box

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27 - N/A
A lovely gift set you can gift to any dear friend who enjoys a relaxing bath. This gift is a great way of saying thank you.

We come across people in our lives who say things they don’t really mean. Words have their place but if not followed through by actions they lose their meaning. It doesn’t take much effort to utter a few words of gratitude while never doing anything meaningful.

A well timed gesture to express your gratitude is much more impactful than anything you can ever put into words.

This Thank You Gift Set is a cool way to let your friends know that you appreciate their efforts and help. This way they can have a moment of pleasure and calm in the bathtub and feel rewarded for their actions.

You can gift this to any friend whom you want to convey a appreciation of friendship.

It comes with a scented candle, fragrant soap, bath salt and lip balm. It’ll make a fine gift for any lady who enjoys a relaxing bath.

ideal gift for:

  • Any loving friend who loves a good bath
  • To Mom on Mother's day

Don't Gift to:

  • People who don't own a bathtub