Organic Bath Bombs

Organic Bath Bombs

Ideal AgeSourcePrice
18 - N/A
A fine gift for any woman who loves her baths. Gift them a pleasurable scented experience that they’ll remember.

Bath bombs are popular as gifts nowadays. It makes sense too. They’re like balled up experiences. They give the recipient a pleasant, sweet experience.

After all women love their baths. Who doesn’t. And bath bombs make that experience better.

They also help relieve stress and make you feel relaxed after a long day of work. What more could you ask.

With so many benefits, who wouldn’t appreciate them as a gift?

This one comes with different scents — Blossom Euphoria, Eucalyptus Wave, Lavender Sky, Mango Papaya Island, Cedarwood Forest and Monkey Farts.

The last one cracked me up. It’s toilet humor used properly. I don’t know how it got the name monkey farts but it’s sure to crack up anyone who reads it.

Ideal gift for a woman from a woman, maybe as a baby shower gift. I wouldn’t recommend it for guys to gift it to their girlfriend or wife. It’s not romantic.

ideal gift for:

  • Just about any woman who owns a tub
  • Babyshower gift

Don't Gift to:

  • As a romantic gift to girlfriend