Drummer Gifts
“I don't have perfect pitch. My drums sound like a drummer, not a drum machine.”
― Taylor Hawkins

Drummers can be hard to buy a gift for. What do you buy someone who beats things for a living?

If you’re thinking of buying a drum themed gift, I would advise against drum shaped things. Believe it or not, drummers don’t sleep on drum shaped beds and eat out of plates shaped like cymbals. May be someone who’s obsessed with drums does, but for others, stick to normal, subtle gifts.

Things to avoid:

  1. Books, DVDs on technique. It’s like saying “You suck, so take this and get better.” They’ll find what they need to learn. Don’t push it.

  2. Drum shaped stuff: There are exceptions, but don’t be too predictable.

  3. Equipments and accessories. Most drummers are specific about this stuff. They hand-pick everything. If you want to give them something useful there are lots of things they can use.

Anyway, you came here looking for gift ideas, so here’s list of some cool, likeable gifts for drummers. Just relax and pick one keeping the receiver in mind.


Drummer Evolution T-shirt

The most popular gifts among Americans are clothes, DVDs, and books. Understandably so. All these things are practical, which is what receivers want in a gift.

Clothes make likeable gifts since everyone likes new clothes. And if you know to pick the right size, and have a decent sense of style, they are no fail gifts.

This T-Shirt is great. Any drummer will find it amusing. And it's kind of cool, so they'll love showing it off.


High Definition Video/ Audio Recorder

Not just drummers, any musician can use of this amazing device for better practice.

This video camera shoots high definition videos with stunning audio quality, which enables you to record the practice sessions with great clarity.

Why this is important is because in developing any skill, regular feedback allows you to reflect on your performance. The technique, any mistakes. For professional, even the tiny details matter.

Without feedback, there is not much room for improvement, since you don't know what you need to work on. Teachers do that during class, but they aren't there during the practice sessions. So you have to improvise and analyse yourself.

This is the most useful gift you can give to a musician. Not just beginners. Learning is never over with a true artist.


Drum Necklace

I wasn't going to add jewellery in this list because I didn't think anyone could make attractive drum shaped jewellery that doesn't make a fool out of the wearer.

But, still, I wanted to make sure my readers aren't missing out on anything so I did some research.

It's a good thing I did or I wouldn't have found this.

This beautiful chain with a tiny drum set will make any lady drummer happy.


Talent Is Overrated by Geoff Colvin

This is the best book you can gift to an aspiring drummer, or someone who wants to attain world class mastery.

Talent is Overrated shows you what separates the masters, the world class performers, "Talented" people that everyone looks up to, from others who seem to be mediocre.

It's based on years of research of these performers. Musicians, Sportsmen, Athletes, Writers, Businessmen, and others.

I don't want to sound dramatic but this can be your chance to change someone's life. That is of course they're willing to put in an effort.

Hopeless to gift it to someone who doesn't read. However insightful it may be, they'll still hate it.


Drum and Cymbal Patent Poster

Who ever thought of this idea? Don't you just love it. There are all kinds of patent posters available. From motorcycle to iphone. There are many.

The reason this is so great is because it ignites our old childhood curiosity. If you have ever wondered how they came up with the idea. I'm sure any drummer would have wondered about the story on how the drum was invented.

If you want to make it even better, you can frame it in an attractive frame.



Sometimes when I hear and read stories about the musicians who practice for hours at the end. They don't care about going out, and doing the stuff other kids are doing. I wonder how they do it. And I conclude they must be a little crazy.

If you don't agree with me, you will, when you watch Whiplash. For a drummer, on the other hand, this movie will be an inspiration. To work hard. To be the best.

Passion is what keeps those musicians working hard, to resist temptations.

Even if they've watched the movie already, which they most likely loved, they won't mind owning a disk.


Cymbal Clock

In my other post about gifts for guitarists, I suggested a neon guitar clock as a gift. It's really cool, and would make a wonderful gift for any guitarist. This one is a drummer equivalent.

It looks great, it's actually made out of a cymbal, and probably even makes a nice sound when you beat it.

Jokes aside, this will make a very likeable and charming gift for a drummer.


Drum Wall Sticker

When I found out that wall stickers existed. I wanted to stick all kinds of stickers all over my place. My roommate thought it wasn't a very good idea so I just put one on my bedroom wall.

Wall stickers are so tempting, because they look so fun. Why have a boring blank wall when you can turn it into art?

Regarding likeability of this gift, I don't think there exist many drummers who wouldn't love to have this on their wall for them to gaze at night.


Drum Throne

I know what you're thinking. They probably own one already, but you can always gift them a better, more comfortable drum throne.

This one is one of the best at this cost. It'll improve their comfort during long hours of relentless practice sessions.

The best gifts are the ones that make our lives better. This one definitely does.

Just make sure they don't have the same model already.


Noise Cancelling Earphones for Musicians

An archer must take care of his vision, and a musician of his hearing.

Sounds over 85 db can cause damage to your hearing. Just to give you an idea of what that number compares to the regular sounds around you, a typical conversation is around 60 db, listening to earphones at full volume generates over 100 dB, which can cause permanent damage in 15 minutes a day.

Musicians aren't strangers to loud noises. If you care about the safety of the drummer, gift them these pair of earplugs. They reduce noise by up to 21 dB.


Cymbal Cufflinks & Tie Clip

Simple, practical things make the best gifts. If your receiver doesn't have to think too hard to find a use for your present, than you've done a good job.

Men don't have many options when it comes to fashion accessories, so whatever we have, we like to exploit. Ties, watches, cuff-links, etc., we love variety in these.

So, your drummer will love to add these cymbal cufflinks to his collection. It also comes with a tie-clip and a nice box.


Leather Drummer Flask

This is a classy one. I know I'd want it if I was a drummer. Hell, I want it anyway.

This would make a great gift for a drummer boyfriend or a husband. They'll admire your choice.

It is an handmade item. It's attractive, inexpensive, and has a little drum on it, which is just about the right size.

Finally it comes in a neat little box that is ready to be ribboned and gifted.


Personalized Drummer Keychain

If you can think of a clever line. Which I'm sure you'll come up with if you try, you can always get it engraved on a keychain like this. This way they will be reminded of you every time they see it.

All right, that may be a little dramatic but at least sometimes they will think of you when they see it.

And if your line is clever enough, it'll bring a smile to their face.


The Drummer

Modern Drummer published this book to mark the 30th anniversary of the magazine.

It's a stunning collection of stories, photographs, quotes and more. Some of the greatest masters like Buddy Rich, John Bonham, Elvin Jones, Keith Moon and more are featured.

A passionate drummer will find this book fascinating. Especially for the amazing collection of photos of their idols.

It will make an delightful present for any drummer.


Personalized Drum Sticks

People love to give personalized gifts, after all they seem more personal and thoughtful. That doesn't mean you could get away with giving anything.

You still have to keep in mind the person's likes and taste. You can't gift personalized coffee mugs to everyone you know.

This one is a good one, but I'll suggest it for drummers who're just starting out. It'll mean the world to them. Especially coming from a family member or a close friend. A sign of your support. It'll encourage them.


Musical Notes Scarf

Fashion accessories make great gifts. They are as good as clothes and you don't have to worry about picking the right size.

If you have a decent fashion sense your gift will not fail to impress. People can't have enough of them.

This blue scarf is perfect for any lady musician. It's attractive, stylish, and has music notes printed on it.

It's also available more colours on Amazon. Be sure to check them out.


Stick Control: For the Snare Drummer

I know I said no books on technique, so let me specify that this book must only be gifted to beginners who're learning the craft.

For them it'll be a great gift. It will help them significantly improve their technique.

Many professionals have used this book to learn and improve their stick control. They'll appriciate your support.

Don't give this to professionals. They'll not be very pleased. Pick something else.


Jazz Adjustable Table

This beautiful table will make an impressive gift for any drummer, may that be a teenager practising in his basement or someone living in a mansion. . The design is inspired by snare drums.

Table features a chrome plated tripod supporting an 18” round tempered glass tabletop. DIY assembly, which most people love to do.

It'll be a perfect anniversary gift for a drummer spouse or partner. They'll love it. What drummer wouldn't?


Classic Rock Drum Solos DVD

What better way for a drummer to find inspiration than from listening to the works of the greats?

This DVD is a compilation of the best drum solos, featuring the greats like Keith Moon and Gene Krupa.

Learning by imitating others is how we're wired to learn best. You must have heard the phrase, "Monkey sees, monkey does." Well, we have mirror neurons for the task.

Your drummer can learn something for listening the masters perform.


A Hard Day's Night DVD

Ok, I watched this one and it's entertaining. There are some hilarious scenes in it. Musician or not, you should watch it too.

A Hard Day's Night is an important part of music history. It's a movie that inspired countless dreamers all over the world.

The film was first released in the 60's, but is still relevant as ever. It's a combination of interviews with the Beatles from 1964 with behind-the-scenes footage and photos, and much more.

Drummers will enjoy the part where drummer Ringo went missing just before a concert.


Red Drum Poster

This poster is beautiful, obviously, but it's more than that. It's intriguing. It's whatever you interpret it to be.

Anyone who appreciates a fine piece of art will love to see this poster on their wall, especially drummers.

Although this poster, by itself, will make a charming gift, you can put it in a decent, attractive frame to increase its value. If you want.

The poster comes in several sizes. You can choose the size you prefer.