“Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning.”
― Thomas Edison

An aspiring writer is a strange kind of creature. Sometimes he thinks he thinks he’s the best writer in the world, other times he doubts his ability to put words together to make a decent sentence. The thought process of an aspiring writer is strangely complex.

Finding a gift for one, on the other hand, is relatively easier. Either give them something they can use to write or something that acknowledges them as a writer. Because that’s the thing they care the most about.

Well, here are some very charming and useful gifts for aspiring writers. They’ll appreciate these much more than a “I am a writer” t-shirt or coffee mug.


Reading Like a Writer, by Francine Prose

You should never give "how to write" books to a writer. Besides from being useless and having conflicting and misleadingly vague advice, these books don't please the receiver at all.

This one is not a how to write book though, this is guide that shows you how to read better, more efficiently. How to read to learn the craft. No writing advice.

The reason the methods from this book are so effective is that it teaches you the old tried and true method of learning how to write. Which is studying the works of successful writers. This is what they did when there weren't many of writing guides around.

This book will save them from all the confusion out there. </div>


Typewriter Print Tank Top

What writer wouldn't like a tank top with a typewriter print?

If you were planning on giving some writer related cloths, this is perfect.

Those "I'm a writer," or "I will put in my novel," t-shirts are lame. They'll likely never wear it.

This one on the other hand is stylish and trendy. It doesn't have writer written on it yet the typewriter represents the craft. There are some options in color.

They'll like it.



In his book On Writing, Stephen King advices any aspiring writer to do two things above anything else. Read a lot and write a lot.

This advice is so simple, that it's hard to believe it could work. But if you interpret it correctly, it is the best advice you'll ever get.

Kindle helps you with the reading part. You can download any book you want to read. Tons of great books are available for free on Gutenberg Project.

It has some great features. Inbuilt dictionary, vocabulary builder, no back-light (Good for eyes), battery lasts for weeks. The perfect reading machine.

If they don't have a kindle already for some reason, gift them one. They'll love you.


Antique Pen

Antique things are like time machines. Instantly they take us to the past. Even where we have never been.

You can imagine Shakespeare, excited, furiously writing Romeo & Juliet with his feather pen wearing those ridiculous English cloths.

Writers like that stuff because of the memories it evokes.

And who knows. They might use your gift to create some genius work of their own.


Noise Cancelling Earphones

Anyone who has ever tried creative writing understands the importance of avoiding distractions while writing. When you're writing, you need to focus on just writing.

Any interuption in the thought process can affect your work, even disrupt the creative flow.

Till a few years ago, the only solution to this problem was that the writer find a quite, isolated place to write. This could be expensive and, well, you can't always have the perfect circumstances.

Luckily, this is 2016. We have noise cancelling earphones now. Don't like what you're hearing, you can just put them on and it won't bother you any more. Which makes it an extreamly useful gift for writers. </div>


Vintage Travel Journal

A bit of travelling is what every writer must do once in a while. Go to different places, meet new people, learn from them. For some it might seem terrifying to travel alone (especially introverts), but once you get over the initial fear you'll come to love the experience.

Now, as good as the teacher a journey can be, it helps to pen down your thoughts before they fade away. Ideas are not always easy to come by, so it's important to not forget them.

Anyway, these beautiful journals are like candy to writers. They can't have enough of these. Ask me, I have tons of these.

Research suggests that writing by hand rather than typing is better for creativity and learning. Tell them that.


On Writing, by Stephen King

Like I told you, how to write books are useless and counterproductive. But On Writing by Stephen King isn't a writing manual. It is rather his memoir. His experiences and some insights about writing he learned on the way.

There is some great advice in there, for instance, King tells you to do two things above everything else if you want to be a writer. Read a lot, and write a lot.

You stick to this method and you'll succeed. But instead if you buy a dozen how-to-write books and you'll get so confused and discouraged, you'll start to hate writing.

So, give this book to an aspiring writer and tell her it is the only book on writing she'll ever need.


Poetry Book

They don't have to write poetry to like this present. Any creative person will appreciate this.

The reason it makes a great gift is because it is full of blank pages. Pages a writer can fill with his thoughts. Endless possibilities.

It's beautiful, and it's small so easier to carry around.

And like I said, writers can't have enough of this stuff. Even if they already have a dozen of this lying around, they'll still love your gift.


Coffee Maker

Writers are the most prone to two addictions: cigarettes and coffee. Smoking will kill you, so don't do that, but coffee, if you don't overdo it, is actually good for you.

Writers drink coffee to keep them awake. Sometimes late at night, to finish something, or early in the morning to really wake up.

Back to coffee machine, the truth is practical, useful things make the best gifts. And a good coffee maker will never fail to impress.

More coffee, more freshness, more writing.


Book of Quotations

What provokes more thoughts than insightful things said by greats in the past?

Everyone loves quotations. They inspire us, teach us, and remind us of history. We all could use a little wisdom everyday, but writers, more than anyone, need to read quotations.

Writing is the study of human nature and how to put it in words. Writers need to reflect on themselves, and these sayings are a start. They get the mind going.

The ultimate book of quotations is a compiled list of quotations by famous people around the world. A great gift for anyone who loves words.


First Lines of Literature Mug

Usually, I don't recommend mugs as gifts, no one likes them, and they probably have too many to use, but in this case of specific kinds of creatures, namely writers, anything that evokes memories of a book they love, makes a fine gift.

One of the perks of this is if they get bored working or find themselves creatively blocked, they can take a break and read some of the lines for inspirations.

Who knows? A line from Moby Dick may shoot some brain waves that generate an idea for the great American novel.


Story Idea Cards

Speaking of generating ideas, sometimes what a writer needs is to get the ideas flowing. A simple overused cliché idea may evolve into something spectacularly unique and great.

Well, these cards are designed for the sole purpose of achieving that. If you think they're useless, you're underestimating them. Like I said, all we need sometimes is for the creative mind to get to work, eventually something will come out of that.

Obviously, this is a very useful, even lifesaving, thing for writers. They'll love this.


Freelance Writing Book

Writers are born and made. While you may be born creative, other skills like sentence structure, organisation, etc., you have to master.

An editorial writing job is a perfect way to achieve that. But, if you are more of a work for yourself kind of person, you can try freelancing.

This book will get you started. It's a much better option than those how to whatever books out there, mainly because it is created in the perfect way how our brains are supposed to learn--by imitation. Monkey sees, monkey does. That's how we learn best.

This book has a collection of several query letters by successful freelance writers. Which any writer will tell you is the most important skill you need in the business.

Gift this to an aspiring writer. They'll appreciate your thoughtfulness.


Digital Voice Recorder

Ideas. Mischievous bloody things. They appear and disappear as they wish. They don't care where you are when they arrive, or what you're doing.

The best ideas will come at the most inconvenient times. While you're in the bathroom, or in the bed ready to fall asleep.

If you're too lazy to get up and get a pen and paper, adiós, they're gone forever. You'll think you will remember the good ones. No, you'll just remember you had a good idea.

A voice recorder comes handy in this situation. Any idea you get, you just have to press a button and say it out loud.

Especially useful for writers since a forgotten idea can cost them a Pulitzer.


Writer Pave Heart Necklace

When becoming a writer has been a lifelong dream, someone acknowledging you as one means the world to you.

Gifting an aspiring writer this necklace is a gesture that you believe in them, something they need the most.

It doesn't even matter what the cost is, they wouldn't care. It's the thought that really counts.

Besides, it looks pretty. Win, win.


Novelist at Work Warning Sign

Besides from being a very funny and cool sign for the door, this accomplishes the same thing as the previous item. Acknowledges them as a writer. Which they'll love.

There is also a "Screenwriter at work" sign available on Amazon.com in case your guy is a screenwriter.

While they'll love this gift, I don't think the sign will prevent anyone from entering the writer's den. For that you get a lock.


Wall Art

When I see this I see words flying away from the book, and I wonder where they're going. This ignites my imagination.

That's what art does. Everyone interprets a painting in their own unique way. And that's what really matters.

They see this bird flying away and relate it with their own experiences and memories.

Plus, it looks really nice so, imagination or not, they'll like it.


Desk Lamp

Writers can be stubborn idiots with old is gold mentality. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing unless you're missing out on the good things technology has to offer.

They find it hard to let go of the things that remind them of the glorious past.

They are sticking to their old, ugly desk lamp even though it hurts their eyes.

Do them a favour and give them this eye caring lamp. It's stylish, attractive, and has great features like temperature control, USB charging, night light, etc.


Waterproof Notepad

Dalton Trumbo, the best Hollywood writer of his time, took a notepad with him in the bathroom. He would pen down ideas while sitting in the tub. This was the time no one was supposed to disturb him.

Good ideas can strike us anywhere, and as you might already have experienced, you get more creative in the shower. A relaxed mind wanders freely, more creatively.

However you should not let these thoughts get lost in your mind by the time you are done. These notepads help you with that. They're waterproof, so won't get spoiled in the water.

Encourage your aspiring writer to use this method. They might come up with a great idea because of you.


Writer Emergency Pack

A truly effective tool to get the imagination going, to get the writer out of a block.

Some writers have a hard time just start writing. Once they got the basics right, they work like a writing factory, but till then they are miserable.

This writer emergency pack makes it easier to open your mind to new possibilities. Just to give you a little push. It even has some tips they might find useful.

A very useful tool to have in a writer's toolbox. Even if just for emergencies. Makes a very likeable and thoughtful gift.



Unless your writer still uses a typewriter (They might have missed the news about the invention of computers) to churn out pages after pages of his literary magic, he'll need a printer quite frequently.

Even if he has one already, he will appreciate an upgrade. A good quality printer that's reliable and won't fail him.

Like a good gift, it's practical, easy to use, and inexpensive.


Stuff I'm Likely To Forget Ringbound Notebook

It's not much different than any normal notebook, except the cover says "Stuff I'm likely to forget." Which makes it a thoughtful gift for writers.

The reason is, writers get ideas all the time, they might come in the form of daydreams or something they noticed somewhere. Some stick in the mind, some don't. We think we'll remember the good ones, but some mundane idea might lead to a great idea, so no idea is useless.

This notebook will be where all those ideas will go. They'll use it, find it to be very helpful and productive, and thank you for it.


Personalised Typewriter Notebook

Personalized gifts are getting popular. Most of them don't make very likeable gifts but sometimes they do.

Obviously all an aspiring writer wants is to see his name printed on the cover of a book. And while I know this isn't the same, it will still makes them immensely happy. They'll admire it for ages.

Give them this and tell them to pour down their wisdom on the pages. They will love it.


Personalised Silver Bookmark

Here's another personalized gift that doesn't suck, because it's useful, beautiful and thoughtful. The first being the winning factor.

That's the thing about gifts. Simple, practical things you can use makes the best gifts. Much better than any unique but useless thing.

It'll make a nice first anniversary gifts for boyfriend or girlfriend who's a writer. You can get the wish carved along with their name.



There is an amazing variety of creative bookends in the market these days. Funny, cool bookends everyone will like.

This one is hilarious, and will make them laugh every time they see it. I love it.

And who knows, may be it will someday inspire a story idea.

Wouldn't that be great? A gift you gave them played part in their success.