The Beatles
“You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us. And the world will live as one.”
― John Lennon

Very few things make such an huge impact on the world as The Beatles. The most popular pop band in the world fascinated & influenced millions of fans in the 70s and still continues to be.

Alone, they were just 4 ordinary kids from liverpool but together they were The Beatles, the band that made history.

They wrote the greatest songs of the time. Their music made the world dance. Thy changed the world.

The popularity of The Beatles was nothing anyone had seen before. So, I’m sure there will be a lot of people searching gifts for The Beatles fans.

I bring a list of the most loveable gifts for fans of The Beatles.


The Original Studio Recordings

Any Beatles fan who doesn’t own a set of the original studio recordings would love to have them.

And you would be considered a thoughtful gifter if you are one who gifts them this.

Even if they have digital copies on their computers there is something about owning these physical collection that makes one feel like a true fan.

Which is why this makes an impressive gift for a Beatles fan.


The Beatles Anthology

We like to watch interviews of our favorite celebrities because they reveal stories about themselves.

Their experiences, struggles, passions and many things that we normally wouldn’t know.

We humans are naturally intrigued by stories which is why we love when someone gifts them to us in form of books, films, documentaries, etc.

A good story that entertains and delights is as good as a gift as any.

Any fan of the band would find this intriguing and likeable.

Hours of Beatles interviews at one place. What’s not to like?


100 Things The Beatles Fans Should Know Book

You know the biggest regrets people on their deathbeds have are not the things they did (Most people believe that 99 out of 100 times they were right), but the things they didn’t do.

The title may be an exaggeration and the fact mentioned above is just for your information. It’s a fact. An interesting one. People like facts. They’re like stories but true. This book is a good fit for a beatles fan.

The book contains a well compiled list of things and facts that any real Beatles fan would be interested in learning.

We humans, by nature, are a very curious species. This trait helped us discover everything from fire to invent nanotechnology, and is amplified when the subject in question is about celebrities.

This book will make a fun and likeable gift.


The Beatles Signature Guitar Picks

If your recipient plays a guitar and is a big fan of the band, he will like these picks as a gift.

Simple but practical things make the best gifts. Even better than more expensive things which they can’t imagine having any practical value in their lives.

When choosing a gift, imagine your receiver opening the present and the first thing that will come to their mind when they see it.

I know you’re not a mind reader but this exercise works because your brain is good at storing information about people subconsciously. What they like, what they eat, the clothes they wear, the colors they prefer. Based on all this your brain will make a good enough guess.


The Beatles Memorabilia Pack

Some things are just cool to own.

This memorabilia pack is a kind of thing you didn’t know you wanted until you saw it. Any fan of The Beatles would love to have this in his collection.

The best things in life, the things that bring you happiness are usually the ones attached to your emotions.

Things like these, take you to a nostalgia trip to the good old days, bringing back great memories.


The Beatles Soup Mug

I don’t like to gift mugs to anyone. It’s not original.

But there are exceptions. Take this mug. Apart from being the most coolest looking soup mug on the planet. The Beatles print makes it cool by association.

Gift this to a fan of The Beatles and he’ll start eating more soup just to show it off.

Even if he doesn’t like soup. Soup companies should explore this idea. Don’t you think?


The Beatles Lyrics Stories Book

What’s your favourite band? Your favorite song? Wouldn’t you like to know the stories behind its origin.

Wouldn’t you love to learn how and where your favorite songwriter found the inspiration for your song?

Which is what makes this a great present. Like I said, we are a curious species.

Kids more than anyone ask a lot of questions. As adults other things take priority and exploring our curiosity, learning more about the world takes the back seat.

This will wake up the kid inside your recipient. They will love the experience.


Blackbird Art Print

Thomas Merton said, “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

This doesn’t apply just to Picasso or Van Gogh’s paintings. Any art that has meaning to you and will inspire you is the art you need to have.

Even if that is a poster inspired by a song from your favorite band.

Blackbird is an excellent song. A Beatles lover will appreciate this.


The Beatles Wall Clock

Time. You can’t buy time. It’s priceless. Remember that. Don’t waste your life doing the things you hate. Don’t waste your time being a slave to the technology that makes you dependent on likes and hearts and other temporary means that don’t last.

The beatles didn’t get to be the best by caring about these shallow things. They did it by doing what made them truly happy, the same thing that will also make you feel alive. Passion.

You should try it. Follow your passion. I have to warn you. It will be hard, really hard, but you’ll love it.

Gift this to a Beatles fan and write a note reminding them of the importance of time. They’ll appreciate it.


The Beatles Sticky Notes

As a writer sticky notes are integral to my life. I use them whenever I’m working on a project.

Our minds can only deal with so much information at a time. It’s a limitation set by nature for our own good. Too much information will just overwhelm it.

It’s always better to write down your thoughts on paper instead of letting them floating around in the mind, disorganised. The brain has a tendency to keep sending us reminders of the things. This makes us anxious and distracted. When the information is in front of our eyes, it doesn’t need to.

Sticky notes are a must for any creative professional. A Beatles fan would love these.


Abbey Road Print Tote Bag

A playlist full of your favorite Beatles songs, a heart full of optimism, and a tote bag as cool as this is all you need for journey of self exploration.

It’s simple yet an impressively cool gift. It’s also surprisingly orginal.

Abbey Road being one of the best album by The Beatles, It will connect to a lot of fans.

Add a note with some inspiring quote about journey and you’re all set.


Stories Behind The Beatles Songs

I know I already listed a “Stories behind Beatles songs” book, but couldn’t resist including this one.

It has its own unique additions and tales that I’m sure a Beatles fans would love to read.

The book draws upon decades of research by historians Jean-Michel Guesdon and Philippe Margotin.

I love books as gifts. Especially the ones I already didn’t know about. They’re like delightful treasure boxes.

If your target is a reader, a book from the list is as good as a gift as any.


The Beatles Keychain

Sometimes the simplest gifts become the most memorable. Especially the ones that the receiver knows had some thought put into it.

This doesn’t work for strangers or someone you don’t know to well. Then it doesn’t mean anything because there’s nothing to feel special about. They’ll think you must do it for everyone.

The Beatles keychain is a simple but practical gift. Everybody uses keys and everybody needs keychains. If they’ll be carrying something around everywhere it doesn’t hurt if it looks good and has the name of their favourite band on it.


The Beatles Magnetic Shapes

Refrigerators can be aggressively boring to look at. An artist at heart always wants to be surrounded by beauty and life.

I’m sure magnetic shapes were invented by someone very bored of dull, ugly refrigerators.

Wouldn’t a Beatle fan love to decorate his with this cool magnets?

There are forty two of them in each set. I don’t know what they’ll do of so many but, then again, how hard is it to find ugly metal surfaces?


The Beatles Decorative Cushion

Plain old regular cushions are good for most people, but for those who are going for a hip look for their homes, this will make a lovable gift.

The iconic picture of the Beatles jumping in the air is so familiar that only the shapes are enough us to evoke the memories associated with them and their songs.

Although this graphic looks more like a kung fu fight or Dr. Strange kicking the soul out of someone.


Abbey Road

If you’re looking for a gift for someone your barely know but know that they’re Beatles fans you should go for this.

It’s casual enough and tells them you were a little thoughtful but not too much, which seems people pleasing.

What did I say about simple things being the best gifts?

This is likable. Even in the age of digital music. It’s nice to have physical copies. They feel more real and concrete.


Quote Wooden Sign

Reminders. We need those sometimes. We humans learn from expercience more than any other animal but even we forget.

A quote like this hanging on the wall acts as a constant remider.

This beautiful message needs to be always remembered.

If we follow this we’ll all be more emphatehic and humane.

This gift, if they use it, will remind them of this message. Sometimes when they need to be reminded. And they’ll be thankful.


The Beatles Vintage Style Poster

I love anything that looks vintage. It gives me an illusion of preserving something from a lost time.

More than anything, I just like the way these things look and feel. They feel like memories, only more concrete.

I can’t speak for everyone, but if you think your recipient has a flair for the vintage this will make a fine gift.

Wrap it up in a decent vintage looking paper to add to the effect.


Beatles '66: The Revolutionary Year Book

1966 was the most important year in The Beatles’s history.

It was a transformative year that would change the music world forever.

If you think your recipient would love to read about the important history of their favourite band, this would a gift good as any.

Better if they like reading.

You can also gift this to an aspiring musician.

They may learn something that will help their careers.

Wouldn’t that be the greatest gift? You can’t put a pricetag on these things.

You should even buy a copy for yourself. Knowlege never hurts.


Beatles T-shirt

Clothes. Who doesn’t love to get clothes for gifts. And if you can get the size right, there’s nothing better.

No one can have too many clothes.

As for the taste. I stick to black. No one hates black. It makes anyone look cool.

If you can’t make up your mind with which item to pick from the list, go with this one.

Although this is a men’s t-shirt, you can click the link you’ll find a women’s version in the suggestions.

There’s a Beatles hoodie in the list for the winters, this is for the summers.


Vinyl Wall Clock

Globalization has made our lives better for the most part.

Because of it artworks around the world are available to us at affordable prices. We have more flexibility over how we want our homes to look.

The wall clock is made out of vinyl disks with The Beatles carved out. It looks beautiful on any wall (Best on white walls).

I’m sure any fan would love to have this. It’s creative, unique and decorative.


Beatles Wallet

A friend of mine owns a Nirvana wallet. He loves it. He has been carrying it around for years.

Fans love to show off their love for their idols any way they can. It shows your commitment for the artists and that you are not afraid to declare it. Kind of like a engagement ring but less serious.

In some traditions around the world, giving a wallet or purse as a gift is a good gesture. It means you wish your recipient prosperity.

And a cool looking wallet like that, who wouldn’t love it?


Beatles Hoodie

Everyone loves hoodies. They’re useful. And if you can pull off that look, they can make you look cool.

The Beatles hoodie is something a fan should own. What if you’re out on a cold winter day and still show off your love for your favorite band?

Useful things make the most likeable gifts. They make your life better and are not just something that take up storage room.

When in doubt pick useful over fancy for a gift. It works.


Beatles Funny T-Shirt

Gifts improve social relations. We all know this. And now researchers are making it official. Giving gifts, especially thoughtful ones, can create long lasting friendships and relationships.

A gift with a sense of humor is even more effective. It memorable. It stands out and create pleasant feelings for the giver in the recipient’s mind.

This Abbey Road Cats t-shirt is hilarious. It’ll crack up anyone who looks at it. Cats are funny, especially when they imitate a Beatles album cover picture.

Don’t gift this someone that you don’t know that well. Not all people have a sense of humor, you know?


The Beatles Songbook

If your recipient is a guitar player you should consider this one.

It’s simple but very thoughtful. It says that you respect their craft and by gifting this encouraging to pursue their dreams.

Some gifts can change lives. Getting a guitar as a gift can inspire someone to master it.

Encouragement can do wonders for a dreamer. Sometimes it’s a little acknowledgement is all they need.

They’ll always remember and be grateful.

Gift this chord songbook to a Beatles fan who owns a guitar and loves music.