A picture of a couple in Paris
“If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.”
― Ernest Hemingway, A Moveable Feast

Did you know that there are 1,784 bakeries and 1,124 bars in Paris? Go to Paris and you’ll never be very far from a place where you can buy a glass of beer or eat some fresh bread. Although you might get lost among the 6100 streets in the city.

Too many books have been written about this great city, too many films, and way too many romantic poems. Artists and writers can’t get enough of it. Makes you wonder what’s so special about the place.

And if you know someone who’s a lover of the city, you know how their eyes shine when they talk about it. They love it and they love anything that reminds them of it.

The following is a list of the best gifts a Paris lover will adore.


Paris Tote Bag

Girls love fashion accesories. Things like purses, belts, bags, scarves, etc. They can’t have enough of them.

An attractive bag like this will surely impress a Paris loving woman.

It’s also very stylish and appealing so you don’t have to worry about them not liking this.

The trick to finding likeable gifts is choosing something that the reciever can instantly imagine herself using.

This is how our mind decides if we like a gift or not. So, next time you’re having trouble figuring out whether they’ll like your present or not, just imagine them using it.


Eiffel Tower Necklace

Girls love jwellery. They like to have variety of it for different occasions.

They also prefer jwellery that’s unique. Things that will stand out.

A necklace or a bracelet that earns them a compliment from other girls is more valuable than anything else.

Most women love Paris, so you can imagine how many complements this necklace will get your reciever.

They’ll love you for this.


Eiffel Tower Bracelet

Gifts about Paris have great importance for some people. They evoke pleasent memories. The Eiffle Tower reminds you of the time you fantacized about going to Paris on a vacation with your loved one.

This silver bracelet is elegant, beautiful, and has a small eiffel tower attached to it. It couldn’t be any better.

This won’t cost you much, but she’ll love it, may that be a teenager, or an adult, everyone loves Paris. It’ll make a fine christmas gift, too.

This is the kind of gift that everyone likes. Doesn’t matter what the price is. A charming present. Perfect if you want to give souveniers returning from Paris.


Paris Pajamas

Looking for a gift for your Paris loving girlfriend?

Gift her these lovely Paris themed Pajamas. She’ll look extra cute in them.

Clothes make the best gifts if you can select them according to your reciever’s sense of style.

For that you have to pay attention to the clothes they wear. And also what they don’t wear.

Also, it helps to know the size they wear.

You can be sure she’ll like this because:

a) This is stylish and attractive

b) She loves Paris

Don’t you love Science of Gifts already?


Eiffel Tower Shaped Wind Chime

Some of us like to surround ourselves with beauty. Doing so makes us happy.

So we decorate our homes with expensive stuff and paint the walls with attractive colors.

For your Paris loving friend who likes to decorate their homes, this will make a perfect gift.

This is the most attractive windchime I’ve seen. And I bet this is true for you too.

Why don’t you go ahead and buy one for yourself? I’m going to.


Paris Dictionary Art

Paris is the city for writers, storytellers, artists, filmmakers and romantics.

It’s for people who look for creativity in everything. That’s how they see Paris. A city where everything comes to life.

A framed Eiffel Tower Dictionary art will impress any Parisphile. It’s unique and a pleasure to look at.

Wrap this up nicely and write a note. Something like:

“Just something to remind of the city you love.”

They will love it.


Loves in Paris Flouroscent Sticker

Paris looks more beautiful at night. In the city of light everything glows elegently. Things seem clearer, and more meaningful.

Can you imagine how it must look from the space?

Like Paris, this sticker glows in the dark, adding great beauty to the dull walls. It somehow makes them come alive, like they’re telling you a story.

You’ll never get tired of looking at the glowing Eiffel Tower. No one can.


Paris Water Bottle

Something as simple as a water bottle can make a lovable gift when it’s given to the right person.

In this case, that person is a Parisphile, and she will love this bottle.

That’s the thing about gifts. Neither price nor fanciness matters.

All you have to do is find something they care about, which in this case is Paris, and be thoughtful about that when selecting a gift.

Also, it helps if the gift is useful. The first thing a reciever does when he gets a present is imagine herself using it.

Remember this next time you go shopping for gifts.


Eiffel Tower Charm

This is a give to impress kind of gift. A great anniversary present.

If you are feeling extra romantic, tag along a note with your most romantic and special memories written on it. They’ll never forget the gesture.

Something like: “To always remind you of the sweet memories we created on the Eiffel Tower”

Gifts like these never fail to charm. The little Eiffel Tower is worth a thousand romantic words.

It’s also available in silver gold, if your lady prefers that.


Paris in Color, by Nichole Robertson

Anyone who's ever been to Paris or wants to visit there, will adore this present.

Paris is too beautiful to capture in photos, yet the photographer has done a fine job. More or less, she has captured the essence of the city.

This is what Paris is. The real thing. It shows you.

It's as if seeing the pictures takes you there. You can imagine staring at the window from the photo as if you were standing next to it. That's what art does--makes you believe.

This is 150 pages of beauty bound togather to give you a delightful and evocative experience.


Paris Watch/ Necklace

Pocket watches have always been an excellent gift choice.

They’re useful, which makes them appealing.

They come in variety of designs and sizes, and you can carve something thoughtful on them.

This one has a Eiffel tower on it, ideal gift for any Paris lover. It can also be worn as a necklace.

You can gift it to your partner, or a young relative, or even a friend you like. They’ll love it.


Paris Wall Sticker

If you can’t be in Paris, bring Paris to you. Here is a beautiful wall art that paints the magnificent city on your wall.

It’s black, looks really cool and suits light backgrounds. Kind of turns any dull, boring wall into a storybook.

A great idea for kids’ bedroom, especially those who like Paris. They’ll love it.

You can also surprise your partner by turning your bedroom more romantic.

May be they want to travel there or move there. This will be a lovely gesture.


Eiffel Tower Key Holder

This is a charming, little gift every woman will adore. After all, a Eiffel tower shaped ring holder is probably the most romantic ring holder out there.

It’s attractive, useful and romantic. All these qualities combined in a gift and you’ve got a winner.

It’ll make more likeable gift than more expensive but boring gifts you’re planning on buying.

View it on amazon for more details about the product.


Paris Mobile Pouch

Looking for a casual, yet cool gift? This British style cellphone pouch is perfect.

It’s stylish, inexpensive and very likeable. And will make a fine addition to any woman’s collection.

It’s black and white, so works with most outfits.

You can also gift it to someone going on a trip to Paris, or someone moving to Paris.

They will like it.


Paris Wall Art

Anyone who appreciates the beauty of this lovely city, will love to have some of it captured on their wall.

This gallary quality, black and white photo of the Eiffel tower is printed on a canvas.

A unique and interesting photo taken from the city streets. It has a vintage look that takes you back in time.

You get to see the other side of Paris that isn’t usually depicted in paintings and postcards.

It’s unusual yet lovely. It will make an impressive present.


Eiffel Tower Wall Clock

While clocks might not seem to you like very impressive gifts, they can be if you know to pick a clock the receiver will like.

A beautiful, vintage wall clock like this does not fail to charm. It’s unique, yet practical, which makes it a very likeable gift.

The clock is just the right size to look elegant and has satin ribbon you can use to hand and which can be removed.

Add to all that the Eiffel tower print on it, and you have a perfect Paris themed gift.


French Key Art

Gift this one to someone you know who collects Paris related things, or is from France, or someone who knows the culture. Anyone else would probably not be too thrilled about it.

This is a handmade key art made out of archival-quality photo paper and inks.

The combination of the vintage looking key and beautiful photos of Paris is what makes this such a refreshing idea.

It will make a unique addition to anyone’s collection. If you can come up with a thoughtful lines, may be about the key being a metaphor about something, you can make this present memorable.


French Vintage Clock

First impressions are important. More so when it comes to gifts.

People judge most things in life surprisingly quick. Read Malcolm Gladwell’s book Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking if you want to know more about the subject.

Back to gifts. They open, they see, they like. And then they like the giver. This makes attractive gifts more likeable. And this watch is stunning.

It’s a vintage French design. Colorful yet elegant. It comes without a frame so the colors look rich.


Paris Vinyl Wall Clock

The makers of this clock make all kinds of vinyl designs.

From Beetles to Batman, they have it all. Creative, huh?

The clock looks stunning. Most people will love such a present.

And the variety in design lets you pick one considering the receiver in mind.

Also, If you don’t want Paris carved on the disk you can email the seller and he’ll comply.


Eiffel Tower Cork Cage

Benjamin Franklin said, “Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy.”

Everyone should drink wine, and everyone should be happy. They also should save the corks to remind themselves how happy wine makes them. Don’t you think?

Obviously, you can live without a cork cage, but it doesn’t hurt to own one.

And one that is shaped like the Eiffel tower only adds to the beauty of the place. Tell your receiver you thought it would look nice next to thier bar cabinet or something like that.


Eiffel Tower Bottle Stopper

Sometimes the best gifts are the simplest ones.

Try too hard to be unique, thoughtful, or fancy and you’ll end up giving something they don’t like.

And when you’re on a tight budget, you’re better off giving something inexpensive yet useful rather than going over your budget.

Things like these are perfect as return gifts or a Secret Santa gift.

You can gift this bottle stopper along with a bottle of wine.

It’s something they’ll remember.

Keep following Science of Gifts and you’ll always know how to give memorable gifts.


Eiffel Tower Serving Server

The Paris themed cake server set is one of the inexpensive ways to make someone happy.

Anyone would love to own a set of these, even if they didn’t know they wanted one.

This set is of good quality with stainless steel blades and detailed Eiffel Tower handles.

It looks expensive, but cost about ten dollars.

If you think they’re too cheap for a gift, don’t worry.

Cost doesn’t matter much to the receiver. All they care about is how the gift is going to fit in their lives.

Wouldn’t take too long to figure it out for this one.


Paris Framed Wooden Decor

If you’re really looking to impress someone who loves Paris, this would be the gift to go.

This wood art of Paris is stunning.

It looks elegant, and the shape makes it convenient to hang it in narrow spaces.

At the risk of being unoriginal, this will make a great gift for a Parisian living away from home.

Could even be considered thoughtful, and not unoriginal.

There are similar ones of Rome, London, and more available on Amazon.

In case you were looking for gifts for people from those cities too.

Which city do you love?


Eiffel Tower Ornament

Here’s an idea: if you’re planning on surprising someone by gifting them a trip to Paris, make it more charming by putting this in the box, just for effect.

An Ideal Christmas gift for someone who has lived in Paris or dreams of living there.

Put it on a Christmas tree.

It will stand out. An unique addition.

The product is made out of wood with silver finish and has rhinestones embedded on it.

Looks fabulous, and comes nicely packed in a box. Ready for gifting.


Eiffel Tower Tea Light Holder

What could make a candle light dinner at home more romantic?

May be some good music in the background, a fine wine, and a glowing Eiffel Tower on the table.

This is a likeable gift. Then I guess anything shaped like an Eiffel Tower makes a lovely gift.

Except if it’s edible. No one wants to eat the Eiffel Tower.

Don’t forget to write a note saying something like: A little something for the romantic candle light dinners.


Eiffel Tower Bottle Opener

Here’s a refreshing idea–Eiffel tower shaped bottle openers. Just because you like to open your bottles with grace.

If you want to avoid wrapping, these come readily gift packed in nice looking box, with a ribbon and all.

Also, there’s a “Merci Beaucoup!” tag, which means thank you very much.

A nice gesture if you want to show the receiver you are grateful for something they did for you. In French.


Eiffel Tower Decorative Rack/ Coat Hooks

A little something for those who’re bored with the traditional, mundane storage racks designs.

It has two levels of shelves, and even has hooks to hang cloths or bags.

Will look great in a Paris themed room, but can be used anywhere. Some wires are shaped like clouds, so if you want to be creative you can stick birds around it. Even origami birds will look nice.

There’s nothing to not like about this thing.


Paris Tri Color Necklace

Women love necklaces. They like to own variety of them.

That’s why a smartly picked necklace never fails to impress.

This one is quite unique. It’s attractive, and interesting.

It is made up of three pendent. A heart, and Eiffel Tower and a locket that says “Je Taime” Which means “I love you.”

You can gift this to your girlfriend or wife, or even to a crush.

Say you love her when you give it to them.

By the way, the picture is a lot bigger than the actual size of the necklace. Visit

Amazon for details.



Amelie. She is sweet, charming, and eccentric. A story of a strange girl in Paris doing strange things.

Even though it’s probably not meant to be, I found the movie to be very thought provoking.

A girl trying to find her purpuse in life. Not in a life changing way, but in a humourous, feel good way.

It’s a French movie. If you don’t speak French, you will have to read it.

Any lover of Paris will like this gift. They’ll enjoy the movie very much.


A Moveable Feast, by Ernest Hemingway

Some say it’s Hemingway’s best work. May be it is. After all, this book is all about his love for the city.

And anyone who loves Paris will be delighted to see the 1920s Paris through Hemingway’s eyes.

Talking about Paris in the 1920s. You should check out Woody Allen’s Paris at Midnight. It’s about a hollywood writer travelling in Paris who, every night, ends up in the 1920s. Meeting the greats like Hemnigway, Fitzgerald, Picasso, etc.

Finally, it has every feature a college student will need. So If they don’t have one already, give them a printer.