“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.”
― Anthony J. D'Angelo

Gifts don’t have to be something you buy at a gift shop or wrap with colorful wrapping paper. Sometimes a little help, some good advice, and even sharing helpful knowledge can be a better gift than anything you can buy with money.

If sharing a resource can improve someone’s life, you should do it.

This article is about an opportunity for education.

Not everyone can afford a decent education without drowning themselves in student loans which take years to pay back.

A Master’s Degree is a only dream for many.

But thanks to edX, a non profit founded by Harvard and MIT, education can be made affordable to people of different classes and education levels.

edX has introduced MicroMasters Programs at very affordable prices.

You can now take the programs for $600 - $6000. Depending on your household income. You can enroll without having a college or high school degree.

You can take the courses online, but you have to attend exams at their exam centers.

MITx offers MicroMaster courses like Data, Economics, and Development Policy, Supply Chain Management, and Principles of Manufacturing.

Columbia University offers courses such as Business Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

The students who complete the courses receive credit from the affiliated university and can pursue a master’s degree. The certificates are recognized by employers, such as, Walmart, IBM, and other big companies.

A MicroMasters course can help you boost your resume and get ahead in your career. You can also audit a course for free and pay when you want the certificate.

Share this with your friends and family. Someone might benefit from it.

You will also benefit by doing that. Causing other people’s happiness makes us feel good. We, humans, are wired for altruism. It’s the secret for a happy life.

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