Men's Leather Briefcase

Men's Leather Briefcase

Ideal AgeSourcePrice
25 -$180
A stylish men's briefcase with a vintage look that's perfect for writers, poets, artists and anyone who loves a good briefcase.

Men’s Bags, sometimes referred to as murses, have been trending, thanks to celebrities like David Beckham and Robert Downy Jr. who were spotted pulling them off with style. And with that murses have crossed the gender divide.

This men’s leather briefcase will make a great gift for a boyfriend or husband who has the look to match it. It will ideally go along with a blazer or a long sleeve t-shirt. It’s stylish, sleek and has plenty of room for the daily necessities of the modern man. They can carry their laptops, iPads, books, and files with convenience.

These bags are not for everyone though. They may be too feminine for the traditional macho man, but for men who don’t mind taking fashion risks will like them. If the iron man thinks they’re cool, chances are your recipient will too.

This is an ideal gift for writers, filmmakers and journalists. They have to carry their books, manuscripts and other tools of the trade. This bag has a look that suits the artist type.

This is the kind of gift that works best when attached with some emotional value. Say you gift it to someone who has graduated from college and is about to start his professional life. This bag, then, will mean more than just a bag. It will be a gesture of encouragement.

ideal gift for:

  • Men Who Like Vintage Looking Stuff
  • Writers, Filmmakers and Journalists
  • Retired Dads

Don't Gift to:

  • Guys Who Don't Use Over the Shoulder Bags
  • Guys Who Mostly Prefer Backpacks