Edison Desk Lamp

Edison Desk Lamp

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15 - N/A
A cool Edison desk lamp that adds beauty to any room or table you keep it on. Perfect for guys who like vintage looking stuff.

Thomas Edison spent countless nights working on his inventions. There were too many failures, times when the results never went his way no matter what he tried, he used lamps to work at night, and he didn’t give up. He kept going and trying different things until he got what he wanted.

And thanks to him and the first bulb he invented we get all kinds of table lamps now.

This Edison style table lamp is a reminder of that creative process. The perseverance it takes to solve tough problems and create something that has never been created before.

Perfect gift for anyone who is into vintage looking stuff. And for writers, buddying inventors, historians, electrical engineers and any fan of Thomas Edison.

Just don’t give it to anyone who prefers modern minimalist designs. . If their homes are filled with modern stuff, this will stand out like a hipster in a law firm. And they won’t be able to find a place for it. Won’t make an impressive gift for them.

Will make a great housewarming gift for people who love old fashioned designs.

ideal gift for:

  • People who like old fashioned designs
  • Thomas Edison admirers
  • Electrical Engineers & Students

Don't Gift to:

  • People who prefer modern designs