Bombfell Men’s Clothing Subscription Box

Bombfell Men’s Clothing Subscription Box

Ideal AgeSourcePrice
25 -$100+
A clothing subscription for men with a gift option so that you can gift your guy clothes perfect for him that are picked by a professional stylist.

It’s a clothing service designed for urban men. They have a pretty good collection of designer clothes. It has a gift option so your recipient can get designer clothes delivered to their homes. Bombfell has good stylists so you can be sure that your man always gets the best clothes.

Most men prefer to pick their own clothes but not every guy knows how to do it well. So this may be a way for a caring girlfriend to get his man decent clothes without hurting his feelings. And when it comes to clothes a surprise choice can be delightful. Especially when a professional stylist is after the choice.

And it’s very convenient too. You take a quiz. They need to know your size and taste. You preview the clothes and pick the ones you like. They send you the clothes and you keep the ones you like and send the rest back.

They also offer free shipping and returns which is good.

Some men are very picky when it comes to buying clothes. They may not appreciate this. Don’t gift it to such guys.

ideal gift for:

  • Men who like to experiment with different styles
  • Urban working men
  • Husbands & Boyfriends with terrible fashion sense

Don't Gift to:

  • Men who are very picky about their clothes