The Beatles Anthology Set
“If we'd know we were going to be the Beatles, we'd have tried harder.”
― George Harrison

A Beatles fan isn’t hard to find. Go for a walk wearing a Beatles T-shirt and hum one their songs and someone will start a conversation with you.

Which is why this made the Science of Gifts lists. An average person knows at least 10 Beatles loving people in his lifetime.

That makes this a useful gift option.

This set has an amazing collection of The Beatles interviews. The trio share their stories and what makes them The Beatles.

Gifts like this are hits because you are gifting them what humans are wired to love. Stories.

We love stories and interviews are essentially stories about people. For a Beatles fan, they are the stories of the band he loves.

You are gifting them hours of quality entertainment and stories about their favourite band. Why will they not?

Think about it. Do you like stories? Films, TV, books, news, songs…. Humans love stories.

See? The knowledge of human behaviour makes you a better gifter. That’s what Science of gifts is all about. We help you become a better gifter.